Day Four Vegetarian Week

Day Four


I thought I would wake up hungry, but everything was normal. With my swollen left hand, I decided to nix the bike ride and work out of the morning.

Breakfast was rest of vegetable tian, polenta, eggs and goat cheese. YES it was a huge breakfast.  Breakfast Day FourI ate all of it.


I got to work and they sent me to the Urgicare for Xrays of my hand.

swollenhand hand

No worries, no breaks.  The swelling has diminished considerably.

This is another work day from 11am to 9 pm where I basically eat lunch/dinner about 330 pm.

Pidgeon peas are a legume. It is commonly used in Indian and Caribbean dishes. I’ve added rice,frijoles,cheese,cilantro.  I did not have large tortillas so I have two overstuffed burritos.

pidgeon pea burritoI have freshly made salsa and chips for lunch/dinner too.



Today  I will have hummus and veggies; pretzels; oyster crackers; cherry tomatoes

How I Felt

I have not been as organized as I wanted to be for this week. Hurting my dominant hand has not helped.  I felt like crap at work and consequently did not eat my hummus, veggies, crackers, or cherry tomatoes.  I don’t think this had anything to do with going meatless.  I also think my ragweed allergy is kicking in.


Day Three of Vegetarian Week

Day Two of Vegetarian Week

Day One of Vegetarian Week

Tuesday Day Three of Vegetarian Week

Day Three Vegetarian

This is my day OFF this week! (I work 4 ten hour shifts).  Food will change a bit today.


Two one slice toast. My German Shepherd puppy ate the other piece off the table when I was not looking.

I went out for a four mile run walk.  When my knee started hurting, I just  walked.  I returned from my walk and made my favorite meal, caprese salad.

caprese salad


The husband and I are going to go work on trail maintenance on the Buckeye Trail section we’ve adopted. I was a bit rushed and didn’t get to work on the spices that I wanted.


I blended up two peaches, banana, yogurt, orange juice and took my smoothie on the road with me.

We spent 3 1/2 hours repainting blazes, clearing overgrown sections and removing branches.  All went well.  We got back to my Ford Escape.  I managed to slam my hand into the rear hatch as I was closing it. Ouch.  Since we were leaving anyways, we were able to buy a bag of ice and keep that on my rapidly swelling hand.

Buckeye Trail


Dennis did make me my  Philly Cheesesteak with portobello mushrooms.  I did take a (poor) picture of a very good dinner.

Portobello Sandwich


How I felt

I was rushed at noon and ate too fast (since the Hubs wanted to leave earlier than expected.) I also didn’t  bring a snack with me.  I was hungry at the end of our 3.5 hour work on the trail (and I had walked 4 miles in the morning) so I was hungry at dinner time.

The last two days, I’ve been a bit hungry, but I don’t think that’s due to a lack of meat in my diet, it’s been a lack of time to eat.


Day One of Vegetarian Week

Day Two of  Vegetarian  Week

Monday Day Two Vegetarian Week



My vegetable tian with one egg. I ate half of this for breakfast. It’s zucchini, carrots, onions, sweet potato, tomato.

vegetable tian

I added my tomato-peach salad for breakfast.

tomato peach salad


This week I am working 11 am to 9 pm. This means I eat lunch/dinner around 330 pm. Yes, it does suck. This means I try to eat as late to 10 am as possible. Then I eat an apple about one o’clock, and maybe some pretzels/crackers before lunch/dinner at 330 pm.

Dinner is yesterday’s dinner, tofu & rice stir fry.

tofu stir fry

I also have my watermelon-feta salad. This is delicious. Just feta cheese, red onions, and watermelon. I added mint to the salad this week.

watermelon feta salad


I get bored working until 9 pm.  I usually eat two snacks, unless we are busy, from 6 to 8 pm.  This can be cheese, crackers, melba toasts, or veggies with hummus.  (This is my usual fare, no different with veggie week.)

How I Felt

I was a bit hungry before lunch at 330 pm, but I usually am.  The hummus and veggie snack at 8 pm helped a bit, as did my  leftover black bean brownie on the way home. I’m home now and a bit hungry, but it’s almost 10 pm so I am not eating again.

Tomorrow, Day Three, day off from work!

Day One

Project 50: White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

I have been visiting Ohiopyle for the last ten years.  In that time I did not visit Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob nor venture down the famous  Youghiogheny  River for the famous white water rafting that Ohiopyle is known for.yough riverIt was time to remedy that!

The name Ohiopyle was derived from a native american indian word “ohiopehhla” meaning white frothy water.

Coach Hanks was a long time fan of white water rafting and we got two more Neo Trailer’s (Slim and Baby Sasquatch) to venture out for white water rafting.

Of course we went running before. Our raft trip didn’t begin until 11 am, that gave us all morning to run! (Mine was in the form of a hike, not a run.)

mile zero Flag on Trail

Lower Yough

We booked our trip through Wilderness Voyageurs. Our trip “Captain” was Sasqatch.  Maybe his real name, maybe not.  We got the briefing on how to bundle ourselves into the life jackets, helmets and paddle issued.  Then we were off to the Yough! (Pronounced Yock or Yuck.)

The lower loop of the Yough is very user friendly to the white water rafting companies. It’s 7.5 miles of Class III-V rapids.  In addition, you would go through a rapid and then have time for some slow water to recover and get your next instructions from the guides, called a “drop and pool river”.  Our trip was called “Guide Escorted” which means guides were in kayaks and rafts around us, but we captained our own boat.  We had about six guides out with us on the water.

One guide would go over how they wanted us to take the rapid, like go to the right of that big rock, paddle, paddle, paddle. On some rapids, a guide would stand on a huge rock, and we would watch his hand signals to let us know when to paddle forward, when to stop paddling.  The guides knew what they were doing!

white water raft

I was a bit scared in the first couple of rapids. Hence my look in the photos taken at the second rapid! I was determined to just paddle paddle paddle and get us through the white water.

concentration on raft

I started to relax a bit more and then started having fun.  white water raft It was a hot day on the Yough, but there was time to jump off the raft and do a bit of a swim. It seemed about the time  I was getting comfortable on white water  our journey was over!

I would recommend Wilderness Voyageurs for your trip on the Yough.  One, the Wilderness Voyageur Store is open year round.  I like to give a little shout out for the business that is open in winter. I know, because we’ve been over winter time running out of Ohiopyle. Two,  the guides were friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very safe following their directions and commands as we rafted down the Yough.

Have you gone white water rafting? Would you go again?


Sunday-Day One Vegetarian Project



Vegetarian Day OneI will be attempting to blog about each day of vegetarian eating-what I ate, how I felt.  I will  post some poorly taken pictures too, to keep it real.


breakfast day one

Breakfast was a veggie omelot with hot pepper cheese and some afterthought cherry tomatoes.


butternut squash crostini

Lunch was a bit small. Crostini with butternut squash, goat cheese, carmelized onions.


Black bean brownie

I finished lunch off with black bean brownies and protein ice cream. Protein ice cream was made with one scoop of vanilla protein powder, cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter, and frozen bananas. It was a bit grainy but delicious!


tofu stir fry

Dinner was rice and tofu stir fry. Tofu was a bit bland and I added some hot sauce to it. I also ate some watermelon-feta cheese salad and felt a bit over stuffed.

watermelon feta salad


How I Felt

I felt fine. I ate less today but I had things to do all day long-watch the men’s marathon, go for a bike ride, clean my bike, make some images for my blog, catalog 4 cases of wine we bought last week, open up a new camera that I bought last week, etc.  Weekends are busy!

Monday is a full day of work. Let’s how how I do on Day Two!

Parkersburg Half Marathon Report

Half Marathon

This was the 30th year of the Parkersburg Half Marathon. The City of Parkersburg has had a long time to really perfect a well organized race. Although it is held in the middle of August under hot and humid conditions, there is a big turnout of fans and spectators on the course. I would guess there was at least 10 to 15 volunteers at each water stop.

Although I was running at the back of the back, there was still ICE available at each water stop. I started taking ice at the second water stop, telling each volunteer “There’s no need to be miserable out here.”

I carry my own hand held in 1/2 marathon and marathons. That way I am not drinking on anyone’s else schedule. I drank water out of my bottle and also squirted ice cold water over my head, neck, shoulders, wrist and elbow points. Anything to try and keep myself cool.

I have run this half marathon in 2004 and 2007. Usually the sun is a killer out there. Today there was fog and it was overcast. Thank goodness!

Parkersburg half marathon

Parkersburg Half MarathonIn all fairness, the half marathon route is..pretty boring and ugly.  The first mile or two is through a really nice old neighborhood, then we get on the highway for a mile or two.

Parkersburg half marathon

There really are not any great views, and some roads we hop on are industrial and decrepit old houses.

selfie half marathonI made a road friend about mile 6. This was her first half marathon and she thought we could finish in about 3 hours, although she wanted to finish around 2.45.  I told her she had picked a tough half marathon for her first.

Half Way Point

I didn’t pull out my music until the 10K  mark, my rules, and the music picked me up and I left my new running friend behind.  I think it’s valuable to have something to look forward to, and the music helped get me through the second half of the race.


I was really worried abut my knee given my extra weight and lack of training.  But I stopped worrying about my knee about mile two since I was now in heat management mode. Amazing what a new problem can make you forget about your old problem!

I started to lose the juice about mile 11.  I have not been running or riding in any sort of training capacity. I was just starting to get very tired.  I developed a bit of a calf cramp in my left leg, and started walking. Then my right knee started to hurt!

Oh shit! Just go back to running. And by running I meant ultra style: run to that light pole, walk to next point I designate, run again.  Pour water over my head.

final bridge half marathon

It is a nice downhill finish, and I was pretty pleased to see I was finishing in sub three hours.  I thought it would take me about three hours, and I finished in 2.49.

Finish 558 of 662

Female 50-54 23 of 31

 I was tired after this! I have to get my mind to remember that I am back to being a “newby” in distance running.  Although I know how to run long distances, my body is not in the shape for conquering the long distances right now.
But that’s what training runs are for!



Project 50-Going vegetarian for a Week


Another way to step out of the comfort zone is try something new. Going meatless. For a day.  Wait, that’s easy.  I can go meatless for one day.

What about one week?  My husband has been stressing about this a bit. Since he does most of the cooking.

Going Vegetarian for One Week

My rules:

No meat. I am going to include no fish with this.


I am going to eat dairy and eggs.  This is too hard to do for a first timer to give up CHEESE.  If my husband cooks something in a meat stock, so be it. I’m going to eat it.  This is my challenge, not his, but he does the 99% of the cooking. (He’s pretty freaked out by this.)


I think I will try and give my readers a day by day post on what we cooked and what I ate, and how I felt. And maybe pictures!

This Project 50 begins on Sunday August 21! Stay tuned!!