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Heat Training Day 2

This was supposed to be a run around the block at home, but as I left work, the thunderstorm squall hit. Lightning! Thunder! Torrential rain!!! Horizontal rain! Branches blowing! HAIL!!!

I would have to rate this little squall as a top five storm I have ever driven through. It was nasty!! I thought my vehicle was going to get damaged from the hail.

So I drove through the storm to the east, and went to my gym, figuring the storm would be following me. I didn’t have a problem with heat acclimation, since my gym has no air-conditioning. Yes, you heard me right! It’s actually not a big deal until June through September. Then just us hard-core members show up for workouts. I really like my gym; it’s very small, and just been open one year. In the little village that it is situated in, we’re lucky to have a gym. I couldn’t believe someone was going to give it a try. But it’s been pretty successful, there’s enough lifters and regulars like myself who is happy to have a local gym to work out in, regardless of AC or not.
So I ran 4.7 miles on the tread. The storm hit town and the power went out at mile 4.7 on the tread, so I figured that was my divine intervention and I was done for the day.

Heat Training

An important part of my prepping for Mohican is getting ready for the heat and humidity. I had already decided that the rest of my runs before Mo need to be in the nice nasty heat in order to get acclimated. So today’s run was right after my doctor appointment. It was 97 degrees F by the bank thermometer!
I think that was a bit high, but it was in the 90’s. My plan was to leave the doctor’s office, run across the village to my gym, do my core workout, then run back to my car.
You know, it wasn’t too bad. It was only 1.2 miles to the gym, and there was a bit of a breeze blowing. My core workout took a bit longer, it seemed, mainly because I was sweating all over everything. So I did my core workout and then ran back to my vehicle, a well executed plan!

…the espresso beans…you just chew them up. Preferably just one at a time, and then wait for the sensations to hit you!

I bought a treadmill today

We went north, looking for treadmills and assorted needed items for Kim for race day in three weeks…I want to be prepared, people, I do not want to drive for one hour looking for something the day before race day!
We went to Sears and I tried out the Nordic Track Elite 2900 on sale for 1599. So then we came home and I found it online, at, for 1499, with free shipping,so I bought it!

This will be great for home workouts. I can’t wait to clean up our downstairs room to make room for this (and move a TV, DVD/VCR, stereo) for my workouts.

I also bought new shorts and a new running bra, both needed, and some chocolate espresso beans, for the Mohican Race! The espresso beans should give me a little additional kick for the race!

Shoe Sucking Mud

I went out for a 12 mile trail run at Salt Fork State Park this morning. It was a beautiful morning, about 70 degrees. I got to Salt Fork at 8am, nobody around but the fishermen. I started out on the ‘orange loop’ trail which the map advertised as 12.5 miles. A good horse trail, except for the shoe sucking mud!

I hit this first patch about 1/2 hour into the run. I was trying to pick my way through this patch, when wham!!! My shoe sank and my foot came right out of it! I yelled “oh shit” and as my momentum kept going, I lost the other shoe to the mud! Now I am standing in ankle deep mud, in my socks, looking at my shoes behind me!
I just started laughing, it was so funny. I plucked my shoes out of the mud, then had to find a spot at the side of the trail to get them back on my feet. I looked at my total muddy socks. There was nothing to wipe them off on. So I just put my shoes back on and hoped for the best! And they were fine, no blisters, nothing. This was a nice trail to run on, besides the mud. This was a little waterfall I encountered.
BUT I would have to say this was nowhere near 12 miles. I finished up in 1 hour 57 minutes. My Garmin said 5.8 miles, which I also figure is inaccurate due to all the tree cover. So I am guessing maybe 8 miles.

This leaves me far shorter than I planned for the weekend, but I will take it.

I did another ice bath after I got home. Ice bath rocks! (Well, after the firs 30 seconds, they do!)

Ogden 20K Classic Race Report

This was the 30th year of the Wheeling WV Road Race.
I ran this last year, and this year’s course continued to be the same-the “easy” course. (Due to road construction, several of the killer hills were removed.)
This leaves the Bethlehem hill, which is a nice 1.2 mile uphill, and then a tiny little hill about mile 11.7.
I decided to run this as my hill workout. I didn’t get over to Wheeling as early as I wanted, and then the timing chips weren’t available right away.So I got a 2 mile slow run in before the race.
The weather was beautiful, maybe 60’ish and kind of humid at the start. But it seemed like a cool breeze kept blowing throughout the race, really holding the humidity back.
Although my time was about 17 minutes slower than last year, I felt I had a better race. I just felt good, and happy! throughout the entire run.
These first miles are through a somewhat quiet industrial section of Wheeling. But what was different this year, besides no pouring cold rain, was spectators!! It was so abandoned last year, with the rain, that it was nice and surprising to see all the folks out, saying hello and cheering us on. One man offered us a cigarette around mile 3, and he then cracked up when a fellow runner quipped back that they’d be back in 2 hours!
Mile 4– the infamous hill begins here. I kept wondering whether I should try and run it, or just assume ultrarunning status and power walk. I kept running, because I wasn’t having that much difficulty. I was reduced to a small baby step turnover, but I kept my head and shoulders upright. I did turn it into a power walk briefly, but then hit a ‘relative’ flat spot and began running some more. Don’t get me wrong, it was little more than a power shuffle. I saw so many people just fighting the hil and expending so much energy flailing their arms–it’s not worth it!! Save your energy!
Mile 5- 13.53 The rest of the hill
Mile 6 11.20 The long downhill, about 1 mile downhill. I began chatting with a nice man, Mike, from the Pittsburgh area.
Mile 7- 9.46 this must be the rest of the downhill area. I lose Mike at a water station and continue on. I am feeling really strong, really good, and just so darn cheerful!
Mile 8. 10.37 We enter a bike path, which is flat, but it’s not that bad. I have caught up to the walkers (there was also a 20K walk, which started 1/2 hour before us.) It seems like there are many more walkers these race, probaly due to the nice weather. It’s not so lonely out there, and much easier to pick people off!
Mile 9 10.43. I take my lone gel around here, without any water, and my stomach makes some growls like that wasn’t the best idea.
Mile 10 11.17
Mile 11 10.32
Mile 12 11.37
0.48 4.48

All around a good race. I saw some friends pre-race and had time to chat with them.
I didn’t stick around for the free luncheon, it was still about 1.5 hours until noon, and I knew I would be home in 1.5 hours.

I got home right at noon and did my ice bath, and my legs feel better already.

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Yes it’s 443 am and I have just finished my oatmeal & raspberries. I’m leaving at 5 am to get to Wheeling about six; pick up my chip and bib and then go run for awhile until race starts at eight.

How come those plans always sound better as I blithely plan them out before execution?

It’s raining too here, but that doesn’t mean it will be raining in Wheeling. I think I will throw a another singlet in my other ton o’race gear that I always seem to haul around with me.

Be back later today!

Revised Training Schedule

Looking at the time left until Mohican, this is the last weekend to get a long run in and have any sort of taper. Or, in other words, don’t overtrain myself up to the time of the event.
I have the 20K tomorrow am.I am going to drive over waaay early and see if I can get 10 or at least 8 miles in prior to the race.
Then I will run 20 miles on Sunday, somewhere. That will give me 40 miles back to back. This is more of a confidence builder than probaly building any endurance.

We got the garden planted this am. I have tomatoes, 4 types, jalapeno peppers, Big Thai hot peppers, Red Savina habaneros, and squash planting. Our elephant garlic, which was planted last fall, are huge plants!
I keep more plants on the porch. We have lettuce, callaloo, broccoli-raab, thyme, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and chives in pots on the porch. This makes it much more easy to cut herbs for meals. It also prevents any deer from getting to these plants.