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5 Hour Trail Run

I met the group at Mohican State Park. This was the big training weekend for the folks running the Mohican 100 in June. They ran Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning. I joined them for the 17 mile orange loop of the course. (Or so I thought.)
When the eight of us converge, Roy (our fearless leader) announces they didn’t get to the short 4 mile blue loop, so they want to run that first, then run the orange loop.
Hmm. Everyone is up to it. I’m the only female, so I don’t want to wimp out. So it looks like my 17 mile run (which I thought was pushing it a bit) is now up to a 21 mile run.
Oh well!!! 21 miles it is. And off we go to the blue loop. I’m glad we did, because it was very technical and beautiful. At one point there is a vertical climb up tree roots. There are also two waterfalls on this loop; I will have to go back with a camera the next time.
The blue loop brings us back to our cars, so a quick break and we’re off on the orange loop, which I ran last fall. I do remember alot of the features, although the group ‘loses’ me somewhere in the middle. (They took the high trail, I took the lower) so after some yelling in the woods, they find me-right on the trail. I’m glad they looked! So they put me in the middle of the pack so they can’t lose me and off we go.
I ran with a nice man named Tom from Erie-he’s pacing a runner and wanted to run the orange loop to orient himself. I gave Tom more than he wanted when I took the wrong fork in the path, (all the runners were spread out and out of site) and he and I did about 1 mile extra uphill before I realized we needed to find the river downhill-he was a good sport about it.
So some five plus hours on the trails, around 23 miles, beautiful weather, maybe in the 60’s at the end. I just love to run on the Mohican trails. They are just nicely maintained, you get a huge difference in surfaces-technical, flat, uphills, downhills, pine needles-and it’s just so lovely out there.

I think I am going to see about pacing someone at Mohican. I am going to see if my neighbor (in the next town) would like an in-experienced pacer first, then see if Tom’s runner would like another pacer.
Or I will be just volunteering for the Mohican weekend.

Marietta 5 Mile Race Report



It was beautiful weather this morning for the race,  55 degrees and sunny. This is the third time I have run this race right outside of Marietta, Ohio. It’s put on by the YWCA and includes a 1 mile fun run, a 5K Walk, and the 5 Mile Race, and brings many people out. Luckily the 5 Mile race starts first!
I wear my Garmin 201 during races which helps to set my pace. I  kept slowing myself down in the first mile-it was nice and cold out, and I  wanted to pound it!  I knew if I blew the first mile I would fade in the fifth, so I kept reining myself in.
Mile 1 in 9.22, good. Having run the course before, I knew it was flat, then we dipped downhill, and then kind of slowly crept back uphill again, then the last mile was pretty flat.

The two women pushing the baby joggers passed me. I just mentally sighed, because I have no frame of reference about these women-they might be 20 year old elites out there.  I was there to run my race.

One of the baby joggers stopped on the downhill and I was able to pass them! ( They never caught up to me again.) Mile 2 was 9.11.
I did a really good job of reining people in. I picked off quite a few runners. Mile 3 was 9.02. I set my sight on the man in Black Shorts ahead of me,and I moved in on him. We started up the long  uphill, and I  got closer and closer. He finally glanced behind him at me–it  was my ragged breathing.  I caught him on the crest of the hill and pulled away from him and never saw him again! Mile 4 in 9.35.
Woman in Yellow Shorts was ahead of me, and she stopped and I was able to blow by her. Some guys were yelling closer to the finish line to push it, which really inspired me to sprint it to the finish line mile 5 in 8.57, overall 46.25!

I knew I really pushed it at the finish line because I was thinking about throwing up!!
Only negative for the race was there was no food available, and the only drink was Cytomax or GUH20 in little Dixie Cups. There was bottled water and pizza available for sale. Luckily, I do not rely on races to provide,so I had my string cheese, apple, and ClifBar that I had brought (and my own water!)

I stopped and picked up some water and food for the run tomorrow. I hope to plant this before the run, at a spot where the trail will intersect. Of course,the maps of Mohican are not the greatest, and I am not all that familiar with the area yet.
I’m looking forward to the run tomorrow!

Running Weekend Ahead

I’m looking forward to it!
I have a 5 mile race in Marietta, which is down on the Ohio River. Then on Sunday, I am going to join the gang who are training for the Mohican 100. We’re going to run the orange loop which is 17 miles in the Mohican State Park.

It’s all about the running this weekend!!

Lesson Learned

That you can be too friendly to some dogs…

I’m barely into my run, when I encounter the first ‘dog’ house.Today the dog who barks at me but usually stays in his yard has been joined by a puppy. They run out to say hello, jump on me, tangle in my legs and make me stop running. So I say hello, pet them, and continue to run.

And they follow me. I tell them to go home. They ignore me. I run a little further. “Go home. Go home now!!!” Nothing. I keep running and ignore them. They keep up.

I turn around and run back to their house, with my voice raised “Stay!!! Stay here! GO home!!!” hoping the homeowners will wake up (it’s all of 8 am.)

I run on. They follow. I swat at them with my hat. That helps. Of course the puppy is over it in two seconds and continues to follow me. More yelling and hat swatting and I actually get them to sit in the road and continue to run. This has taken about ten minutes of my time!!

I came back the same route and they were better behaved, they just followed me fifty feet or so and then stopped.

It was a really good run. I added a side road of a valley and a hill, which added one mile to the route, so I ran 13 miles in 2 hours 30 minutes, and if you discount the time spent messing with the dogs, pretty good for a hilly route!


By Keith Pippin

Each time you run you will recieve lessons. You have enrolled in the school of ultrarunning. You may like the lessons or think them irrevelant and stupid. What yout think makes no difference, the lessons will be presented until they are learned.

When you run, there are no mistakes, only lessons. The art and science of ultrarunning is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The failed experiments are as much a part of of the successes as the combination that ultimately works.
Lessons will be presented in various forms and intensities. Each lesson will be repeated until it is learned. When you have learned one lesson you will be presented with another.

The learning of lessons does not end. There is no part of your running experience that does not contain lessons. Each time you run there are lessons to be learned.
There is no better run than the one you are presently on. Do not aspire to do better in the next run until this one is completed.

Periodically you will be tested. The test will be presented in the form of a race. This may be an announced test such as a race to be run at a future date, or it may be in the form of a pop quiz when a “Friend” calls on Friday to run on Saturday. The tests may be severe and demanding, testing you to the very limits of your mental and physical capabilities, You are the only one who will know your test score. After the test you will know which lessons require more study.

How you running affects you and those around you is up to you. You have the ability to choose-positive or negative. The decision is yours.You will live with the consequences of the choices you make.

Life’s answers lie within. Life’s questions can be answered from within. Running is the medium through which these answers will be revealed. All you have to do is look, listen, feel, and trust.

..You must always remember “The people dancing were judged insane by those who could not hear the music”. Few people will ever hear your music. Run long and prosper.

From “A Step Beyond: The Definitive Guide to Ultrarunning”

I am heading out for a lesson this morning.

Musings on the Long Run Schedule

I am trying to work on the long run schedule for the MMTR. I don’t want to overdo it, but I do want to have enough endurance built up. I was stressing for awhile wanting to do the Buckeye Trail 50K at the end of July, but I don’t know if I will be prepared for that. So, I am not going to worry about running that race.
It’s alot harder finding information on training schedules for ultras than marathons.
I think I am going to keep steady at running about 12 miles a weekend, and just steadily increase from there, and add a longer run on Sundays.
My MMTR Schedule does not “officially” start until July. I think I am going to redo that, and have it start June 1, just as base endurance training.


I complimented and thanked my husband last night for some comments he has made to me lately. It seems he has thrown his support behind my training for the MMTR fully. He wanted to know about my training schedule and long runs throughout the summer. He’s even been telling people that I am training for the 50+ miler!

Now just to get him to crew for me.