Revised Training Schedule

Looking at the time left until Mohican, this is the last weekend to get a long run in and have any sort of taper. Or, in other words, don’t overtrain myself up to the time of the event.
I have the 20K tomorrow am.I am going to drive over waaay early and see if I can get 10 or at least 8 miles in prior to the race.
Then I will run 20 miles on Sunday, somewhere. That will give me 40 miles back to back. This is more of a confidence builder than probaly building any endurance.

We got the garden planted this am. I have tomatoes, 4 types, jalapeno peppers, Big Thai hot peppers, Red Savina habaneros, and squash planting. Our elephant garlic, which was planted last fall, are huge plants!
I keep more plants on the porch. We have lettuce, callaloo, broccoli-raab, thyme, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and chives in pots on the porch. This makes it much more easy to cut herbs for meals. It also prevents any deer from getting to these plants.

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