Talking Myself Out of it

I spent at least one hour this morning figuring out how I should be able to run at least 50 miles at Mohican..then I spent about 2 hours talking myself out of it.
I’m still on the fence.
First I thought, ok, I will sign up for the 100 and just see how far I could go. The Mohican is this somewhat convoluted four loop course that you repeat. Now that I have run about half the trails, I finally understand the different colored loops!
So I look at the course map…start to the red loop, 10 miles. Red to Covered Bridge,11 miles. Then the blue loop, 4 miles. Ok, 25 miles. Then the orange loop, 17 miles, back to covered bridge. Then, if I only ran to Rock Point, 9.7 miles..that would top me out out 52 miles….
But wait remember it will warm up here, real soon, Kim, and be 85 degrees and humid!! And you hate running in the heat and humidity! It will be miserable!!
And thenI looked at the registration fee: $ 135. Oh heck no!! Not for a 30 or 50 mile run for me. Way too expensive.
ThenI looked at what mile someone could pick up a pacer. Okay, maybe I could pace someone in at mile 60 or so. But it would also be dark. And I’ve never even run in the dark, on a trail, before.

I’m as undecided as I was this morning.

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