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Angie tagged me! I’ve never done one of these blogger type thing…

4 jobs I’ve had:
hotel van driver
hotel front desk clerk

4 movies I watch over and over:
Only you
Last of the Mohicans
From Dusk til Dawn

4 Places I have lived:

Cincinnati Ohio
Toledo Ohio
Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
Peoli Oho

4 TV shows I watch:
What Not to Wear
The Simpsons
Star Trek: TNG

4 Places I’ve been on Vacation:
Washington DC
New Bedford Mass
Las Vegas

4 Websites I visit everyday:


4 Favorite Foods:

Wine (it’s a food isn’t it…grapes?

4 Favorite Bands/Singers:

Warren Zevon
Loreena McKennitt
Kid Rock
Motley Crue

Western States

I’m assuming everyone is subscribed to the Ultra Running Listserv? Wow, what a discussion Western States has created.
We have both Olga and Rick both kind of dissatisfied with their finish. The horrendous heat,the amount of drops, and of course, the DQ of Brian Morrison at the finish line.
The ListServ has been fascinating. I really have no opinion of any of the principles, except that I am glad Brian has rebounded. That was quite a bit of drama. Similiar to the Julie Moss IronMan Incident. I wonder if we will get more folks interested in Ultrarunning because of this. Probaly not, since there doesn’t appear to be a video of it.

So what sparked your interest in ultra running? Mine was more the trail running, and most trail runs are ultras..and since I like being out there in nature for extended periods of time it just seemed to click. I’m also a very focused individual; that seems to help with the mental part of running ultras. I believe running ultras is more a mental game than physical. Other runners understand that; it’s the lay public that can’t really comprehend it’s not just all physical to finish a 50 or a 100 miler.
Congratulations to all who started Western States 2006, whether you finished or not. What a trip.

4 miles today

Whew it felt good to be running again! I was going to weight train, but then thought about a run. So I left from the gym. Someone had told me about a road which would make a complete loop from the gym right back to town, so that would be a new route for me.
Good 1 mile hill up! Then about 1 mile down, then only about 2 miles back to town-so that’s a nice new little route I have. Nice and hot on the asphalt at 430pm here, good heat training.

I feel great. I have a slight strain of my left quad-I fell, slipped actually, trying to push my riding lawn mower off the garden hose that I ran over on Tuesday yes, one of those stupid tricks you hope no one was watching. But it’s just a slight pain, should subsist soon.

Tomorrow is hill repeats for me-the start of training for the Mountain Masochist (and it will only help for the Buckeye Trail 50K!)

Lost the Toenail

No, no pics of it either. This was my big left toe that I stubbed at Mo. It had blisters under the nail, which dried up during the week. Then the podiatrist just removed the whole nail today-I did get faint and had to have a cold washcloth on my forehead-I just don’t like the poking and prodding at my toenails!

You do know we’re all pretty weird…I just typed a whole paragraph about toenail removal and you all read it…

So I went to the gym and did the elliptical trainer. I was going to run, but the toe felt a little sore so it was easier on the elliptical. 4.1 miles in 40 minutes.
I’m feeling like such a slacker. I haven’t run in a week now. Maybe tomorrow. Everything is feeling good on my body right now.

Playing Catch up

Thanks for all your comments! I’m trying to get caught up, and not doing so great!
The big inspection I was dreading last week? Well, they showed up Monday at 11, and will be here all week long. (I was too tired on Monday at work to even get stressed about it.) I had my inspection and interview yesterday and it went well.I am hoping they won’t be around my department again.

My quads feel a bit better today. Despite the ice bath on late Sunday, my quads were still stiff and sore. Getting up and down from a chair has been interesting.

I went to see my podiatrist on Monday about my big toe. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but then my doctor cut away lots of loose nail! So much for my pedicure I scheduled in July, I’m cancelling. Why have them paint 7 or 8 nails instead of 10?

Maybe today I can work on getting this house cleaned up after work before it gets completely out of control.

I’m going to work harder on my diet. I have alot of confidence in my runner ability right now, this race really helped that. Now, while I am riding high, I will get a few of these pounds off my body.