Monthly Archives: June 2006

Everything is complete!

Background: I have vivid dreams. I remember lots of them. And I have some bizarre running dreams, which are really funny. It seems like I always have some race anxieties manifest during these dreams, so I’m relieved that I had one before this race! Everything is complete now!
See you all maybe late Sunday…

Ok, so I’m starting this ultra race, and it’s all women (so I must have been thinking about the Sugar and Spice Ultra in Kentucky.) The trail is real narrow and there are these two annoying women who don’t know how to run and they’re giggling and just veering back and forth across the trail.
I get mad and decide to let them get ahead of me. I see my vehicle is parked nearby, so I drive home, then feel bad for letting them get the best of me. Then I drive back to where I stopped at the race, and now can’t remember the course. And the course has now changed to an area of Cleveland. So I kind of run the way I think I remember the course, but of course I have now shaved hours and miles off the course.I finally see some runners, who are also carrying signs that say “will work for food” and I’m not sure they are in the race. I finally see a female with a race number and follow her in. We meet the other runners in a conference room and I realize I only ran about 10 miles while they did whatever length the race was, and I feel bad.
So I leave, determined to get my miles in. And I have somehow managed to lose my shoes. So I have no shoes, no money to get home. But I start walking toward home, which is miles away. I find some money in the street to use a payphone, but you know what? Payphones barely exist anymore!
Somehow I end up in a car, which is running, and then I realize I don’t need a payphone, since I now have a car to use.

And that was it!
I have had my traditional running dream before the race, so everything is set

Monday Morning Musings

I’m hungry. There might be second breakfast coming up after first breakfast today.
I did the ice bath after I got home, and just a little stiffness in the quads! Ice bath rocks!

Race reports are trickling in finally! I’ve been waiting to hear how everyone’s races went. It sounds like Olga had a great run, and Julie kicked butt at the FANS race!

I’m going to definitely have to keep eating on race day. It seems like I expend a lot of energy out there. I would have really bonked if I hadn’t had those cookies. I need to pack a few more gels with me, and carry a baggie to stash aid station food in to eat on the run.
Maybe I can add that as a goal for the race-eat from aid station to aid station!
Goals-I haven’t even thought about them for this race, other than to finish 52 miles and to have fun!
My knee is sore, just a bit, right where the IT Band hits the knee. It was actually pretty sore for a lot of the run yesterday-until I slipped in the mud and banged my kneecap! Somehow, that made the IT ache go away. It came back again with more downhill running. I did some ok stretching yesterday, and will do a much better session of stretching that leg today.
Today is off day from running, core workout at the gym AND a stretching session.
Pretty light running week too, I was thinking of 4 miles Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, in the heat of the afternoon to work on heat acclimation, and then a core workout on Friday, long run of 10 miles or so on Saturday. Then the next week’s workouts consist of hovering over, checking it for updates every hour of so!

5 Hour Trail Run Today!

I ran the orange loop with Tom and Jim from Pa today. About 19.6 miles, 5 hours total.
Actually we started out at the fire tower, ran the green loop to the Covered Bridge, then ran the orange loop. (Mohican speak for the loops.)
The green loop was nice, muddy and rocky, leading down to the river and the Covered Bridge.
Then the orange loop is great; it’s so varied. Many ups and downs. A great section through the pine forest, nice soft needles to run on. The ground is soft and muddy in places, but not too muddy.
I got my feet wet almost immediately, and they stayed that way the whole run. I have some blisters in weird spots (I think due to the wet feet). They are on the outside of my feet, near the heels. Maybe my sock got bunched up there.
I could have used a bit more food on this loop, and I will have to think about that for the race. I had 2 CliffBlocks (left over from the last run) one gel, and a few Jelly Belly Beans (that I never did finish.) So no wonder I was hungry. We stopped about mile 18 at the campground, where I had stashed water and cookies, and I think those SoftBatch cookies got me through the rest of the run!! (There will also be two aid stations with food on this section too.)
The part of the trail by the river was kind of underwater due to all the rain we’ve been getting. It was also raining on us there. There was no way to keep your feet dry; so there’s definitely a shoe change at this next aid station!
We also have a river crossing here, which will be mile 32 into the race. Which will be interesting; right now the river is WAY up; like flood stage level due to all our rain. I don’t think, if this continues, that this would be a safe crossing. And if we do still have the river crossing, I will need a complete change of clothing, not just shoes and socks. I can’t see running in wet shorts and bra. So I think I will plan on that also.
Also, I am going to take my camera on my little journey, and I would definitely be double bagging it for a river crossing!
So way good intel for the upcoming race,,and good last minute long run before taper officially beginning now!!