Playing Catch up

Thanks for all your comments! I’m trying to get caught up, and not doing so great!
The big inspection I was dreading last week? Well, they showed up Monday at 11, and will be here all week long. (I was too tired on Monday at work to even get stressed about it.) I had my inspection and interview yesterday and it went well.I am hoping they won’t be around my department again.

My quads feel a bit better today. Despite the ice bath on late Sunday, my quads were still stiff and sore. Getting up and down from a chair has been interesting.

I went to see my podiatrist on Monday about my big toe. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but then my doctor cut away lots of loose nail! So much for my pedicure I scheduled in July, I’m cancelling. Why have them paint 7 or 8 nails instead of 10?

Maybe today I can work on getting this house cleaned up after work before it gets completely out of control.

I’m going to work harder on my diet. I have alot of confidence in my runner ability right now, this race really helped that. Now, while I am riding high, I will get a few of these pounds off my body.

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