Back from Corporate Land

I did a good job of recovering this week. No running on Monday due to all day meeting. I did get to the hotel pool after dinner and swam some laps and then sat in the whirlpool to work on my legs. Tuesday I got two miles in on the treadmill. No running on Wednesday due to driving home.
Today I want to run three miles. I’m sure it will be on the treadmill since it’s currently raining out. The weather forecast for Saturday is a high in the 60’s and a good chance of rain-oh well. That’s probaly more significant since I will be waiting for my relay runner. I’m seeing some disposable clothes to wear on Saturday.
Actually as a ultra runner, I will probaly be more comfortable than most if I end up waiting around with wet shoes to run in. Many smaller race day problems and irritants just don’t affect me like they used to. Wait an hour or two, the irritant may go away. That’s the beauty of a long race!

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