Dog Run

I got my ten miles in this morning. It was a very foggy misty morning here.
I picked up a running companion about mile 4. A dog jumped off the porch of a trailer and insisted upon accompanying me. I have no idea if he lived there. He ran with me for a good mile, then stopped to fight with another dog running free.
About my turning point, a goofy yellow lab pup came running out to the road to run with me. I had to run up their driveway before the pup decided to stay home.
I then picked up my running partner again, but finally was able to get him to stay in the area that I found him in. I was not going to have the dog follow me all the way home!
We then took all three of our dogs out for the daily hike around the property. It was Condi’s inauguaral walk-and she did it all, about a 1/2 mile walk! She’s sleeping now.
We’re taking her with us on our trip north, we have a steak roast with Dennis’ veteran group. The house isn’t dog proof enough, and we’re not totally comfortable leaving her with the other two dogs yet.

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