Fall is here

The leaves have started turning yellow on some trees; the Buckeye Trees are already half-naked. The humidity is cut to 1/4 of what we are used to; I’m getting cold after being hot and sweaty on my cool down walk after a run.
I went to the gym and did about 1/2 my core workout and my new shoulder/upper arm workout; I’m tired of waiting for my arm to get better (it’s been hurting for 4 months now) and I want to see my nice muscle definition on my upper arms again.
There were all sorts of children in the gym today. Not sure where they came from. Kind of distracting to me. I like to get in, work out, and leave. I usually BS with the owner if he’s there, then split.
I went for a run. I wasn’t really into it, but I knew once I started running I was committed to it. So I decided to run the uphill loop from my gym, which is about 0.8 mile uphill. It’s a pretty gradual uphill, which will be similiar to my relay part of the Akron Marathon race, so I ran it.
I realized this was pretty good training for the race. But when will I have time to repeat it?
Maybe Thursday this week? Rest of next two weeks:
Wed: Cookout with local other ultra-runner couple
Thursday: hill run, maybe repeats?
Friday: No run. Drive to Youngstown to SIL house.
Saturday: Run YUTC 50K Race.
Sunday: Recover and pack for business trip
Mon, Tues, Wed: go out of town on business trip. Find local running stores. Get into a pool or whirlpool to recover from 50k
Thursday: Day off at home
Friday: Day off and pick up stuff for relay at Akron. Meet up with other relay members. Have fun!!
Saturday: Run 5K section of Akron Marathon. Then run the rest of the way in, another 7.6 miles, so I will get in 10 miles at least. Drink beer and recover with teammates.
Sunday: Back to training for the Masochist 50+ miler. Argh!

6 thoughts on “Fall is here

  1. Ryan

    Love the dog pictures..very cute fellas! Enjoy your 50k this weekend; it will be great prep for the MM50 in November.

    Congratulations on registering for the legendary Horton MM50. This looks like such an awesome race I’m so jealous! I’m planning to run the Stone Cat 50 on the same day; I’m just not sure how many more long runs to incorporate or when to taper? What’s your plan/advice for the next few weeks!



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