I love running

It was a busy busy day at work. Then I changed into my running clothes, and presto chango, I had energy again!
First I had to do my core workout at the gym, then left from the gym for my little ‘around the block’ 4 miler. I’ve been running this in reverse, and I don’t hit the 1/2 mile hill until mile 3, which works out nicely, my legs are warmed up by then.
It felt so good to be running again. I hadn’t run since Monday, and I was getting the pent up emotions/frustrations from not running. I don’t know what else to call it-impatience, maybe? I just was itching to get out there and run.
My Garmin died on me, and I had no watch, but I had the iPod and cranked up the tunes and ran. My legs felt good, other than these knots in both quads I still have.
It was a very good run. I felt good, I ran up the hill, I was happy, I was burning energy out there. I get so much more relaxed after running.

Does anyone follow IronWil and her Ironman training blog? Wil timed out at Ironman Wisconsin, and she is posting such a well written blog of her DNF you really should check it out. She’s a very good writer, and it has been inspiring to follow her training through the season. Reading blogs and listening to podcasts really kept me focused during my injury of last winter.

I’m becoming interested in the 100 mile race of Haliburton for a fall 2007 race. I met the RD, Helen, at Mohican this year, and I have read some very positive race reports from this year’s race. It’s just an idea right now, but it seems like a cool fall 100 mile race for the Eastern coast. It doesn’t seem like we have that many fall 100’s here in the east.

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