Off to YUT-C Today

Actually off to New Castle, PA, where my SIL lives. They won’t be home, but are graciously allowing me to crash there for the night. Their house is about 1/2 hour from the race site.
Of course I can’t find my cheapo watch that is 10 minutes fast, so I decided to go buy one today on my lunch break..and of course I have now realized that I get no lunch break today because I have to cover the department while I send most of them to a mandatory meeting scheduled weeks ago..So I will go after work, buy a new cheapo watch, puppy dog food, adult dog food, and I might as well buy the normal groceries while I am out LOL!!! I may never get on the road to PA.
I have been fighting a low level cold given to me by my husband (thanks!!) all week. I even left work early yesterday, and came home and just laid down and rested. I think I actually napped too, since the puppy was sleeping. I still feel a bit fatigued, but I’m going to eat well today and see how it goes.

I had an interesting point of view about running trails yesterday. A friend emailed me and asked what a FatAss theme run was. I told him it was basically just a fun run, no times, no aid, no whining, no wimps. He replied ‘no aid and no times? That doesn’t sound like fun to him’. Wow, that was interesting, until I thought about how my friend views running as opposed to how I view running. He is very competitive, does alot of short races, does like to focus on times and placing, and I, on the other hand, do not. I really am out there running for the sake of running in the woods. If this race tomorrow was a fun run, that would be fine with me. Sure, I like improving my times, and hope to get a bit better as time goes on, but it’s more about just being out there and enjoying my health and nature.

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