Monthly Archives: September 2006

No run today

The husband was sounding a bit despondent when he asked me when I was coming home today from work…it sounded like he needed a puppy break. So I bagged the workout, which was fine, and came home and cleaned house while he took the two grown up dogs out for a hike.

Isn’t it Cool?

Or maybe I should say, isn’t it great to be in such good physical shape, and to be lucky enough (knock on wood) to not be injured so you can casually say to other ultrarunners “hey, I’m going to run 24 miles Oct 7, and then 26 miles Oct 14 in case you want to join me..” I’m so happy to be back to this level of condition. That was the worst part of the injury last winter, was losing the ability to just run out the door, and run 10 or 20 or 30 miles…just whatever I felt like doing that day.


I stopped by my local ultra friends house after work today. This is Diana and Regis Shivers. Regis is our local area legend. Reg has run the Mohican 100 Trail Run twelve times. He ran the Applachian Trail. He actually stopped running the AT, returned to Ohio, ran the Mohican and then went back to the AT.
Reg had cancer of his larynx; he had radiation treatment and surgery and was declared clear of cancer. But something wasn’t quite right, and right after Mohican Trail Race 2006 they were told his cancer had returned.
Reg is getting chemotherapy treatments now, and only has one more session. I stopped in to see them and see if Regis Jr was going to go over to Punxy. Reg was a bit under the weather (I would be too if I had chemotherapy the day before) but he’s still upright and moving around. He shaved his head because his hair had started to fall out. The Shivers told me to tell everyone over at Punxy hello, and Di gave me permission to give out her email.
So if you are a friend of Di and Regis, and would like to email them, please contact me. Di loves getting email and it brightens their day to hear from their ultrarunning friends. My email is kimba90 and the rest is the address; I can then give you Di’s email addy.

After I visited the Shivers I went on to the gym and did a short elliptical workout, and then stretched really well. My plans changed again so I will be home on Thursday evening, so I can pack then!


Wow I was tired today. I did the ice bath after I got home last night, with my hamstring and piriformis butt hurting, and had no aches from that. So I did my core workout at the gym, and then stretched-and that did feel good to do!
My Labor Day run was actually pretty funny. My newly hired technician asked me how my run went. I just looked at him. He then related how he almost hit me on SR 541 driving as I was running. I told him “you should not try and hit the boss until your 90 days are up” and that was the running joke for the rest of the day at work.

Taper? What taper?

Ok, I should have ran 10 miles Sunday. But I was lazy, and slept in and didn’t do it.
So I thought I would run 10 miles after work today. I was going out to the Woodbury area again. I had my awful little ambigous map off the internet, and I thought I had mapped out a 10 mile or so course, using Sue and Paul’s Pedometer thingy.
Off I go, not that I wanted to, I think I was a bit dehydrated. One township road I turned on was loose gravel and not too comfortable to run on at all, but I thought of a phrase from IronWil I was at a “Prozac patch” and just kept going.
Well my map wasn’t too good. I never found the proper township to turn right onto, so I took the next road and thought I knew where I was going. Until it dumped me back on the main road, at 9 miles, with about 4 more to go back to my vehicle. Grr. I had one gel with me, and a remaining granola bar. I finally ate the bar, which did pick up my energy level. I had drank all my water by mile 9, thinking I was almost done with the road, but luckily the weather was cool so that didn’t affect me too much.
Since the burning hot summer is over, by the time I got back to my vehicle I was getting chilled from the sweat and cooling temperatures, so I had to strip off all the wet clothes and put the dress I wore to work back on!! Note to self: time to start bringing spare Tshirt and shorts for post workout.
So modified workout week:
Tuesday core and stretch
Wednesday core; 20 or so minutes on the elliptical and stretch
Thursday: driving to a friend’s house on way to PA, so no running
Friday: Arrive Punxy
Saturday: Race Day!