Sunday’s Workout

Isn’t she so angelic? Fifteen minutes prior to this, she pounced, bit me in my nail-less big toe. As the blood started dripping, she then grabbed my sandal and ran through the barn with it. So I am hobbling through the barn, dripping blood, trying to catch up with her. Puppies. Sheesh.

I didn’t run on Sunday, I had a blood blister under one of my remaining nails on my left foot so it was kind of tender, and the drained ‘slug blister’ on the other foot. So I did an hour on the elliptical at the gym. That was a tiring workout. Of course, it was supposed to be, as a back to back after the race Saturday. I also did a quality fifteen minute stretching routine too.

I was looking at comments on my blog and saw that Elizabeth had visited. I met Elizabeth at the YUT-C race on Sunday; actually I had seen her at some previous races too. It turns out I have read her blog on and off, it’s cool to know anothe blog person out there!

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