I stopped by my local ultra friends house after work today. This is Diana and Regis Shivers. Regis is our local area legend. Reg has run the Mohican 100 Trail Run twelve times. He ran the Applachian Trail. He actually stopped running the AT, returned to Ohio, ran the Mohican and then went back to the AT.
Reg had cancer of his larynx; he had radiation treatment and surgery and was declared clear of cancer. But something wasn’t quite right, and right after Mohican Trail Race 2006 they were told his cancer had returned.
Reg is getting chemotherapy treatments now, and only has one more session. I stopped in to see them and see if Regis Jr was going to go over to Punxy. Reg was a bit under the weather (I would be too if I had chemotherapy the day before) but he’s still upright and moving around. He shaved his head because his hair had started to fall out. The Shivers told me to tell everyone over at Punxy hello, and Di gave me permission to give out her email.
So if you are a friend of Di and Regis, and would like to email them, please contact me. Di loves getting email and it brightens their day to hear from their ultrarunning friends. My email is kimba90 and the rest is the address; I can then give you Di’s email addy.

After I visited the Shivers I went on to the gym and did a short elliptical workout, and then stretched really well. My plans changed again so I will be home on Thursday evening, so I can pack then!

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