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Positive Thinking

Ever since I began a trail runner, or maybe a little before, I’ve become such a beliver of the power of positive thinking. I think some of it came from my weight loss but much more of it came from my running. Specifically, the ultra and trail running. I’m a very slow runner, and I used to let that bother me. It bothered me alot. Then I discovered trail running, and ultras, and found I am an *ok* endurance athelete.
I came across this book earlier this year, and I know I have mentioned it before here, but I find it very valuable: The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training . Dr Jim Taylor was recently featured on Endurance Planet podcast which was very interesting. I did get a bit amused when he mentioned something about the monotony of ultra running… but anyways, I do believe in the whole mental imagery idea, and I think I am going to start sitting down for several minutes, a few times a week, and work on imagery for various races.
I hate to be around negative people during races. During a half-marathon last year, a bunch of us were running together. Someone came up, and just started making some negative racist remarks, just kind of off the wall. WTF? We all steadily sped up to get away from this clown. Man, races, at least for me, is no where to discuss politics, or religion, or any upsetting topics. Another race, a 50K, a man caught up to me. He had gone the wrong way. Now, instead of finding the amusement in this, he blamed the aid workers. They just “let him go the wrong way” he claimed. I thought to myself, well, if you just blast through the aid station, without a hello, thank you, or even a “which way do I go” what do you expect? I slowed down a little, and he pulled away. I mean, he was upset! THEN he overtook me again! Yeah, you guessed it, he went the wrong way again! He put his own bad karma on that race.
I like to focus my energy positively. In the pre-ultra era of mine, I would feel I had a bad race because of something that went wrong in the first mile or two. If my time was slow in the first part of a half-marathon, I would think, okay, I am going to have a crappy race, no way I can now PR this, instead of trying to pull something positive from the race.
I rarely have a bad run anymore. I have runs that haven’t felt good, due to whatever reason. I might be slow as molasses, but I have stopped recording runs as “bad” pretty much in my workout journal. Usually those are the runs I feel most triumphant over, that I persevered and did the run anyways, no matter how negative I felt going into it.

Hunting Season Update: Kim: 0
We went out and sat in one area. What a gorgoeous day to be outside! The only thing that could have made it better was a glass of wine to sip!! I saw 2 squirrels and heard an owl hoot, and watched the skies turn darker. A beautiful late fall day here, have to enjoy them as we have them!!

Hunting Season: Deer 0, Kim 0

Nothing on the hunting front today. I got home at 4pm, changed into my hunting clothes (it was 64 degrees out-sweet!!!) and we went out back. We have 40 wonderful acres of our own to hunt and play on. I started down a back road on the property while my husband went off to the right. And immediately shot at a deer. Oh well, so much for me being quiet now. (He missed.) So we stayed out til dark, then came in.
Due to work, I will probaly miss my hour or so of daylight for hunting, so maybe it’s the treadmill or actually stop at the gym for a workout.

2nd Workout of the day

Went to the gym and did my weight training routine. My muscles were a bit stiff due to DOMS from the Friday workout. I did skip the lunges but not the squats. My quads protested a bit but they are just wimpy and underworked at this moment. It was a good workout. I go from one muscle group to the next, and was able to do the routine in less than one hour, since I wasn’t stopping to talk to anyone.
I am going to run 2 miles on my treadmill in the morning. I have my physical therapy evaluation in the afternoonl I’m still contemplating cancelling. When I lift, I can feel the soreness in the shoulder/muscle. But I am still able to do it. I can’t see what they are going to be able to tell me, or what to do. I’ve already returned to my weight training. I guess I just answered my own question-I am cancelling the appointment Monday.

Finally a Run!!!!

I confess. I haven’t run since Mountain Masochist. I was sick that whole week following, with a bad head cold and probaly bronchitis. This past week I planned on running, but we had car problems, so had to take car to dealership several days in a row after work, and then I just didn’t feel like running at 8pm. Actually, I just didn’t feel like running. I don’t know if it was both remnants of my cold and my disappointment with my DNF-(but frankly, I’ve gotten over the DNF and moved on-it was a very good learning experience) but I just didn’t have the itchiness to get out there and run.
The time change doesn’t help either, when it’s getting dark at 4 pm. Our weather has been pretty nasty too, cold and raining.

BUT today I got back out there and had a good time!! 8.57 miles in 1.36. Yes, slow as a turtle, but I didn’t care. I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt and grabbed the iPod. It was just a 4 mile out and back on my regular roads around here. I ran every step of it. Running in the mountains of Virginia puts a perspective on my gently rolling hills here! I foresee alot more running uphill on these small slopes!
I also used my albuterol inhaler before my run for the first time. I think I have some excercise induced bronchospasm. After long runs, I cough and cough. After MMTR, I coughed for 24 hours. Even though this wasn’t a really long run, it was cold, so I thought I should try it. I don’t have a cough, so maybe this is the answer.

It’s Beaujolais nouveau time!

Yes, it’s that third Thursday of November, time for the release of the beaujolais nouveau!

Beaujolais nouveau is a wine of the Gamay variety produced in the Beaujolais (AOC) region of France that is authorized for immediate sale after fermentation. It is the most popular vin de primeur, a wine harvested in fall and sold before spring (much sooner than it could be produced through normal fermentation).

The wine is ready to be drunk a scant six weeks after the harvest. Each year the new Beaujolais is officially released on the 3rd Thursday of November and no time earlier, which has been mandated by French Law. Just after midnight, a race begins to ship the wine out all around the world as quickly as possible. For a vintner, the economic advantages of selling one’s wine before the end of the year are substantial, although the wine itself varies dramatically in quality.

Beaujolais nouveau is not a wine to keep; it must be rapidly consumed within a few months of its production.

We purchased our Beaujolais nouveau for $11.99 and are drinking it immediately. It really reminds me of a Lambrusco (and a cheap one at that.) It’s fruity, semi-sweet and very young-which is what is supposed to be.

And of course, red wine has been in the news lately: “Further research into the health benefits of red wine have shown that a substance found in abundance there, resveratrol, dramatically increases endurance in test animals.

“Athletes and non-athletes alike may want to raise a glass to resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine that researchers say doubled the physical endurance of mice in a new study, while protecting them against diabetes and obesity.”
Another reason to tip the glass!!!

Speaking of endurance events, this event sounds interesting: 24 hour trail run outside of Washington DC in late April. That would be a long drive for me. I’m going to look at my calander and see what else is going on around that time. Is it hot in DC already at the end of April?

Ironman Dream

Okay, so I remembered my dream from last night.
Somehow, we were in Hawaii (but it looked kind of like the midwest) and it was the Kona Ironman going on. I had just gotten back from a marathon run going on simultaneously with the Ironman (somehow not related) and realized our hotel room/condo was right on the marathon section of the Ironman!
So we set up our own aid station for the Ironman-but it looked more like an aid station for an ultra. LOL. There was water, pop, chips, sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels-you know, all the normal trail food.
And since we were an unofficial stop, everyone was so happy to see us! (And I had read” Badben’s post a month ago!
(Bear with the bad html, I don’t know what the beta blogger is doiing.)
Anyways, all the ironman runners were stumbling in, most were swaddled up in white clothing like they were running Badwater. Two women arrived pulling a semi-consccious husband on a sled-I guess he was fine, no one in the dream bothered to help them. In my dream, we were having a great time handing out ice and water and food for all the runners!
I went away for a while, and then came back. The runners had all thinned out. We were wondering about the stragglers because we knew there was a cutoff. And our little station was mile 54 of the 100 mile race. (Oh yeah, somehow this Ironman had a 100 mile run instead of 26.2 miles.) I had cautioned my husband earlier, to not say “you’re halfway there” or “just a bit further”!
A man drove by a little ways later on a golf cart, towing a little cart. In it sat the last runner, all swaddled up in white clothing like a mummy. We knew then that was the sag wagon, and we could break down our aid station.
And that’s all I remembered. Isn’t that weird?

Today’s Physical Therapy Appointment

is for next Monday, November 20. Oops!! So I did a little Christmas shopping after work instead.

I need to get motivated to run. There is a FA 100 over in Ohiopyle, PA, that I have been thinking about-actually I’m only thinking of running 50 miles. But I need to think about it some more-it’s a 3 hour drive over, so that means I would have to get up about 2 am and leave before 3 am to make it to the sunrise start. OR I could drive over to Mohican and run there. OR I could just stay here at home and do 10 miles or so on the road. I’m just horribly unmotivated. The gray skies and cold rainy weather don’t help matters.
I am thinking of a nice 50 mile run at Mohican the day after Thanksgiving!