2nd Workout of the day

Went to the gym and did my weight training routine. My muscles were a bit stiff due to DOMS from the Friday workout. I did skip the lunges but not the squats. My quads protested a bit but they are just wimpy and underworked at this moment. It was a good workout. I go from one muscle group to the next, and was able to do the routine in less than one hour, since I wasn’t stopping to talk to anyone.
I am going to run 2 miles on my treadmill in the morning. I have my physical therapy evaluation in the afternoonl I’m still contemplating cancelling. When I lift, I can feel the soreness in the shoulder/muscle. But I am still able to do it. I can’t see what they are going to be able to tell me, or what to do. I’ve already returned to my weight training. I guess I just answered my own question-I am cancelling the appointment Monday.

3 thoughts on “2nd Workout of the day

  1. Ryan

    I’m enjoying my first glass of Beaujolais…cheers! I was thinking about making the trek down to that 24 hour trail race, it looks like a good time. Hope everything works out with your shoulder.


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