Finally a Run!!!!

I confess. I haven’t run since Mountain Masochist. I was sick that whole week following, with a bad head cold and probaly bronchitis. This past week I planned on running, but we had car problems, so had to take car to dealership several days in a row after work, and then I just didn’t feel like running at 8pm. Actually, I just didn’t feel like running. I don’t know if it was both remnants of my cold and my disappointment with my DNF-(but frankly, I’ve gotten over the DNF and moved on-it was a very good learning experience) but I just didn’t have the itchiness to get out there and run.
The time change doesn’t help either, when it’s getting dark at 4 pm. Our weather has been pretty nasty too, cold and raining.

BUT today I got back out there and had a good time!! 8.57 miles in 1.36. Yes, slow as a turtle, but I didn’t care. I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt and grabbed the iPod. It was just a 4 mile out and back on my regular roads around here. I ran every step of it. Running in the mountains of Virginia puts a perspective on my gently rolling hills here! I foresee alot more running uphill on these small slopes!
I also used my albuterol inhaler before my run for the first time. I think I have some excercise induced bronchospasm. After long runs, I cough and cough. After MMTR, I coughed for 24 hours. Even though this wasn’t a really long run, it was cold, so I thought I should try it. I don’t have a cough, so maybe this is the answer.

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