Ironman Dream

Okay, so I remembered my dream from last night.
Somehow, we were in Hawaii (but it looked kind of like the midwest) and it was the Kona Ironman going on. I had just gotten back from a marathon run going on simultaneously with the Ironman (somehow not related) and realized our hotel room/condo was right on the marathon section of the Ironman!
So we set up our own aid station for the Ironman-but it looked more like an aid station for an ultra. LOL. There was water, pop, chips, sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels-you know, all the normal trail food.
And since we were an unofficial stop, everyone was so happy to see us! (And I had read” Badben’s post a month ago!
(Bear with the bad html, I don’t know what the beta blogger is doiing.)
Anyways, all the ironman runners were stumbling in, most were swaddled up in white clothing like they were running Badwater. Two women arrived pulling a semi-consccious husband on a sled-I guess he was fine, no one in the dream bothered to help them. In my dream, we were having a great time handing out ice and water and food for all the runners!
I went away for a while, and then came back. The runners had all thinned out. We were wondering about the stragglers because we knew there was a cutoff. And our little station was mile 54 of the 100 mile race. (Oh yeah, somehow this Ironman had a 100 mile run instead of 26.2 miles.) I had cautioned my husband earlier, to not say “you’re halfway there” or “just a bit further”!
A man drove by a little ways later on a golf cart, towing a little cart. In it sat the last runner, all swaddled up in white clothing like a mummy. We knew then that was the sag wagon, and we could break down our aid station.
And that’s all I remembered. Isn’t that weird?

One thought on “Ironman Dream

  1. rick

    Great dream. Ironman aid stations are awesome, they look like ultra stations with lots of food but they are on every mile of the run. 26 aidstations! ain’t that crazy. That 100-miler after all the swimming and biking sounds a little nightmarish though.

    Last night my dream was that we were all going to go bike riding and then I remembered that my bike was broken which it is. I think deep down I want to get the bike fixed.


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