It’s Beaujolais nouveau time!

Yes, it’s that third Thursday of November, time for the release of the beaujolais nouveau!

Beaujolais nouveau is a wine of the Gamay variety produced in the Beaujolais (AOC) region of France that is authorized for immediate sale after fermentation. It is the most popular vin de primeur, a wine harvested in fall and sold before spring (much sooner than it could be produced through normal fermentation).

The wine is ready to be drunk a scant six weeks after the harvest. Each year the new Beaujolais is officially released on the 3rd Thursday of November and no time earlier, which has been mandated by French Law. Just after midnight, a race begins to ship the wine out all around the world as quickly as possible. For a vintner, the economic advantages of selling one’s wine before the end of the year are substantial, although the wine itself varies dramatically in quality.

Beaujolais nouveau is not a wine to keep; it must be rapidly consumed within a few months of its production.

We purchased our Beaujolais nouveau for $11.99 and are drinking it immediately. It really reminds me of a Lambrusco (and a cheap one at that.) It’s fruity, semi-sweet and very young-which is what is supposed to be.

And of course, red wine has been in the news lately: “Further research into the health benefits of red wine have shown that a substance found in abundance there, resveratrol, dramatically increases endurance in test animals.

“Athletes and non-athletes alike may want to raise a glass to resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine that researchers say doubled the physical endurance of mice in a new study, while protecting them against diabetes and obesity.”
Another reason to tip the glass!!!

Speaking of endurance events, this event sounds interesting: 24 hour trail run outside of Washington DC in late April. That would be a long drive for me. I’m going to look at my calander and see what else is going on around that time. Is it hot in DC already at the end of April?

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