Positive Thinking

Ever since I began a trail runner, or maybe a little before, I’ve become such a beliver of the power of positive thinking. I think some of it came from my weight loss but much more of it came from my running. Specifically, the ultra and trail running. I’m a very slow runner, and I used to let that bother me. It bothered me alot. Then I discovered trail running, and ultras, and found I am an *ok* endurance athelete.
I came across this book earlier this year, and I know I have mentioned it before here, but I find it very valuable: The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training . Dr Jim Taylor was recently featured on Endurance Planet podcast which was very interesting. I did get a bit amused when he mentioned something about the monotony of ultra running… but anyways, I do believe in the whole mental imagery idea, and I think I am going to start sitting down for several minutes, a few times a week, and work on imagery for various races.
I hate to be around negative people during races. During a half-marathon last year, a bunch of us were running together. Someone came up, and just started making some negative racist remarks, just kind of off the wall. WTF? We all steadily sped up to get away from this clown. Man, races, at least for me, is no where to discuss politics, or religion, or any upsetting topics. Another race, a 50K, a man caught up to me. He had gone the wrong way. Now, instead of finding the amusement in this, he blamed the aid workers. They just “let him go the wrong way” he claimed. I thought to myself, well, if you just blast through the aid station, without a hello, thank you, or even a “which way do I go” what do you expect? I slowed down a little, and he pulled away. I mean, he was upset! THEN he overtook me again! Yeah, you guessed it, he went the wrong way again! He put his own bad karma on that race.
I like to focus my energy positively. In the pre-ultra era of mine, I would feel I had a bad race because of something that went wrong in the first mile or two. If my time was slow in the first part of a half-marathon, I would think, okay, I am going to have a crappy race, no way I can now PR this, instead of trying to pull something positive from the race.
I rarely have a bad run anymore. I have runs that haven’t felt good, due to whatever reason. I might be slow as molasses, but I have stopped recording runs as “bad” pretty much in my workout journal. Usually those are the runs I feel most triumphant over, that I persevered and did the run anyways, no matter how negative I felt going into it.

Hunting Season Update: Kim: 0
We went out and sat in one area. What a gorgoeous day to be outside! The only thing that could have made it better was a glass of wine to sip!! I saw 2 squirrels and heard an owl hoot, and watched the skies turn darker. A beautiful late fall day here, have to enjoy them as we have them!!

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