Today’s Physical Therapy Appointment

is for next Monday, November 20. Oops!! So I did a little Christmas shopping after work instead.

I need to get motivated to run. There is a FA 100 over in Ohiopyle, PA, that I have been thinking about-actually I’m only thinking of running 50 miles. But I need to think about it some more-it’s a 3 hour drive over, so that means I would have to get up about 2 am and leave before 3 am to make it to the sunrise start. OR I could drive over to Mohican and run there. OR I could just stay here at home and do 10 miles or so on the road. I’m just horribly unmotivated. The gray skies and cold rainy weather don’t help matters.
I am thinking of a nice 50 mile run at Mohican the day after Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Today’s Physical Therapy Appointment

  1. Mike

    Hi Kim! I’m with you in a lack of motivation due to these gloomy, gray days that we’re having.

    Can you direct me to any info on that Ohiopyle run you mentioned??



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