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End of Year Recap

This seems to be the popular bloggy thing to do…top 5 races, PB, PR’s etc of 2006.

Mine are pretty easy. I started 2006 with an injury. Due to overtraining, I strained my IT Band. It hurt to even walk on it, so there was no question of ignoring the doctor’s orders. That, with some non-running health issues, led me to have more doctor appointments in January 06 than I have had in five years!

I worked very hard the first quarter of 2006 to stay motivated. I weight trained, after my pool workouts, since I could not do the elliptical or the bike. I was very concerned about gaining weight without all my cardio. I read books on training, started reading blogs about training, and listening to podcasts. This was all just to keep me going.
The doctor cleared me in late February to run. I think that first mile jog on the treadmill, at the gym, was just as rewarding as that first mile I ran a few years ago!
Then came the slogging. I had no endurance. I was whipped after 3 or 4 mile runs. So disheartening!! I remembered the “good old days” where I would blithely respond to the question, “oh I’m going to go run 10 or 14 or 16 or so miles..”

But you just keep at it. You keep building. Even with being dead tired after 4 miles, at least I was out there running!! The injury and the time off were still very much in my head. In fact, they still are. I had just, in December 2005, ran my first 50K. I had discovered trail running and how much I loved it. I had a passion for something and then found I could not do it!! To this day it makes me appreciate my health. No matter how bad a run is, at least I am out there doing the run, and having the abilitiy to run.


Gorgeous weather here today!! High in the fifties. I ran on the local trail this afternoon. I tossed off the long sleeved shirt, ran in my capris and a tank top, it was that warm out! This was a good run today, I had no issues going on. It just felt good to feel the sun on my cheekbones.
I’m checking the weather channel right now, there may be a long trail run over at Mohican if this weather is going to continue. I can’t believe it’s the end of December and so mild. I have to take advantage of it now!

Last Day of Work for the Year

It was a stressful day at work, so I was glad to run on my new trail right in town. I could feel the stress leak away somewhat, I kept trying to get my mind off work and into the woods. I feel very fulfilled and relaxed when I am out in the woods; I have always loved being outdoors, being in nature. It worked somewhat; I was still a bit hyped up when I stopped. I almost ran the loop in reverse, but it was starting to get dark, and there was shooting going on in the area. (It’s gun season here for another 3-4 days.)
I did wear my beloved Leona Divides, and I believe I know the source of some of my toe problems: I think the LD’s are too small. Or rather my toe is pretty close to the end of these. The LD’s were my original trail shoes, and after wearing my other two pairs (Brooks ASR and New Balance 872’s) I think the LD’s could have been part of the blister and missing toenail problems. While I still love the LD’s and wish they were still made, I think the other two shoes will be my major trail shoes this season.

I’ve been reading some interesting books lately. One is courtesy of chatter on the ultra list:Deep Survival which has been very interesting. This discussion on the ultra list also started because of the Mount Hood Climbers.
Another book I have started reading is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I am only into the second chapter, so I can’t comment on this yet.

So I have a four day weekend. What to do, what to do? I still haven’t decided. I need to check the weather forecast and the local hunting regs and see where I can get a trail run in!!

Hi ho hi ho

Well one inventory counted at work, the major one is on Thursday. I did weights at the gym today, so that means tomorrow is a run–trail run! On my new trail I found last week!! I’m so thrilled about this trail. I can leave right from work and get a 3 mile trail run in. And, depending on the weather, I will do an out and back and make this a 6 mile run in.

So answer a few questions for me:
Why, on my “bloglines” does it never quite update correctly? I thought the point of bloglines was I would not have to specifically surf everyone’s web blog, it would point out new posts. It doesn’t seem to do that for me.
Why, on blogger, when I ask for it to “remember me” it never does??

Injini Socks

I wore the Injini socks on the run yesterday-no blisters!!!! AND my feet were wet and muddy for almost the whole run. I’m pleased! I will be buying some more Injini socks!

Mohican Trail Run

We had a gorgeous day for a run yesterday on the Mohican 100 Trail Course. Four others joined me, Rob, Jeff, Tom, and Dave. Dave drove up from Cincinnati, and Tom came over from Erie PA! for the run! Great weather, in the 40’s. The wind kicked up a few times, making it a bit cold when we would crest a ridge, or when we stopped for a quick break, but otherwise just fine.
This is a 21 mile section, which we finished in just under 5 hours. Jeff continued to run to make it an even 5 hours, with the rest of us content with 4.56!
There are also 4 water crossings on this route. Actually there were five, a tiny creek that usually isn’t even a trickle had considerable water in it. As we came to the first water crossing, it was evident that there was no way to keep the feet dry.

After the feet were wet for the first time, I didn’t see any reason to not avoid the mud. It had rained quite a bit the last few days, and there had been many horses out on the trail. So most of us just started running straight through the mud rather than try and pick our way around it. Nobody lost a shoe to the shoe sucking mud although it was reaching for my shoes a few times!
It was good to have some other runners who was familiar with the course.Jeff had finished the 100 in 2006, and Rob was very familiar with the area, since he runs there alot. Still, we managed to cut off a corner of the course, one that involved a very steep hill. I kept waiting for us to come upon it, and then before I knew it, we were at the fire tower. (Not complaining about missing the big hill!) But we’re still trying to figure out how we bypassed it.
Nothing hurt on this run!! What a great feeling! I’m a little stiff today, Christmas Eve, butI think our group pace was a bit fast for me which is good!and I think I pushed myself a bit; that’s what I need to do!

Weights today

I got out of work a little early. I stopped to say hi to a fellow ultra runner, Regis, who had been in the hospital for 21 days. He had pneumonia, on top of battling his cancer. So it was good to see him and his wife Di back at home again!
I went to the gym and did my weight routine. The bench press gave me a little bit of trouble. I don’t understand why my arm hurts more on some days than other days.
I need to get my trail stuff together, we have the run at Mohican tomorrow!1