Hi ho hi ho

Well one inventory counted at work, the major one is on Thursday. I did weights at the gym today, so that means tomorrow is a run–trail run! On my new trail I found last week!! I’m so thrilled about this trail. I can leave right from work and get a 3 mile trail run in. And, depending on the weather, I will do an out and back and make this a 6 mile run in.

So answer a few questions for me:
Why, on my “bloglines” does it never quite update correctly? I thought the point of bloglines was I would not have to specifically surf everyone’s web blog, it would point out new posts. It doesn’t seem to do that for me.
Why, on blogger, when I ask for it to “remember me” it never does??

One thought on “Hi ho hi ho

  1. Lyndsey

    I was re-reading my blog and found a comment from you…which I never saw before…You are from Akron?!?! And you are a runner?!?!?! No way!!!!! If you don’t mind me asking where in Akron do you live? and are you doing any upcoming races? If not you should consider the Great New Years Eve 5K race…really really and we could meet? I am not scary I promise…my blog is http://www.breakingthetape.com/ohio-runner/


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