Last Day of Work for the Year

It was a stressful day at work, so I was glad to run on my new trail right in town. I could feel the stress leak away somewhat, I kept trying to get my mind off work and into the woods. I feel very fulfilled and relaxed when I am out in the woods; I have always loved being outdoors, being in nature. It worked somewhat; I was still a bit hyped up when I stopped. I almost ran the loop in reverse, but it was starting to get dark, and there was shooting going on in the area. (It’s gun season here for another 3-4 days.)
I did wear my beloved Leona Divides, and I believe I know the source of some of my toe problems: I think the LD’s are too small. Or rather my toe is pretty close to the end of these. The LD’s were my original trail shoes, and after wearing my other two pairs (Brooks ASR and New Balance 872’s) I think the LD’s could have been part of the blister and missing toenail problems. While I still love the LD’s and wish they were still made, I think the other two shoes will be my major trail shoes this season.

I’ve been reading some interesting books lately. One is courtesy of chatter on the ultra list:Deep Survival which has been very interesting. This discussion on the ultra list also started because of the Mount Hood Climbers.
Another book I have started reading is Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I am only into the second chapter, so I can’t comment on this yet.

So I have a four day weekend. What to do, what to do? I still haven’t decided. I need to check the weather forecast and the local hunting regs and see where I can get a trail run in!!

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  1. rick

    Kim I too got a book because of latest chatter from the ultra list. “Medicine: For Mountaineering & Other Wilderness Activities 5th Edition”, a recommendation from Steve Loitz. I haven’t gotten it yet so I can’t say if it’s good or not but it seems like an interesting read…educational.


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