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Trail Run! Trail Run!

I ran 6 miles today. I started in the local park, on the bike asphalt trail. I decided I would try out the trail which runs around the golf course. I had been thinking about this trail for awhile, then a minor landslide had closed the trail. Now the sign was gone, so I thought I would see what this path was about. So I started up the trail. I don’t think it was actually open, since there was a little ravine where the hill had slid away, but hey I’m an ultrarunner I just climbed down, then climbed back out on the other side.
This was a nice little trail, totally leaf-covered, so I was kicking up plenty of rocks and roots. I enjoyed it, then the trail ended and a sign pointed to another trail, stating it was 1.5 miles long.
Woohoo!! So I started up this new trail!!! Lots of ups and down, I was running just below the crest of the hill. There were rocks, and roots, and it reminded me of Mohican. Now this was the trail that my ultra friend Rich and Wendy had told me about!
The trail stopped at the side of a golf course. I looked around for more trail signs, then I remembered Rich talking about the trail, about how you had to run over part of the golf course to pick up the trail again. So I did, and managed to find the trail. The trail was even better on this side, no leaves, single track, up and down-wow, I was having so much fun.
I ended back on the asphalt trail for another two miles, to make it a nice 6 mile workout.
So I have found about a 3 mile section of trail to run, right from work practically.
So I can actually run 6 miles on this! Instead of running on the staid little asphalt bike path, I can run trails!! My endorphins were pretty high as I ran this and thought about all the possibilities. I could run this into the dark-in fact, this would be good training for me to run into the twilight, and into the dark, and try out my lights!
Can you tell I am stoked about the new trail running opportunitiy?

4 Mile Non-Trail Run Today

I got out of work late today, due to a late afternoon meeting, due to my own fault, of asking too many questions and (GASP!!!) wanting people to do their jobs. That’s all I want. I do my job, you do your job. Oh yes, I guess I need to add, do your job competently. /End of job rant.
I was planning a run on our little rails-to-trail bike path, which is just kind of dirt and cinders at this point, hence, I only brought trail shoes to work. But I knew I would end up in the dark, without a light, so I went for the quick 4 mile run on the local bike trail, which is asphalt. The Brooks ASR trail shoes were just fine for this run. I still want to get to the trails!!

Friday Workout

My workout today was partly due to the podcast I was listening to. I had pulled into my doctor’s parking lot, hoping to get my B-12 shot, but they were keeping “holiday” hours this week and had closed at noon. (Side note: how do you make money if you keep “holiday” hours all week long?) Well, this stop in my errands gave time for that evil thought to pop into my head: “ I’m tired. It’s Friday. I want to go home and drink wine. I’m just doing weights today anyways.
I had Phedippidations playing on my car radio, via the iPod, and I don’t even remember what Steve was saying, but it was the right words, and I turned the vehicle in the direction of the gym. AND had a good workout, increased the weight on a few excercises, and extended the reps on a few others.
I forgot about a new excercise I had meant to try. I was listening to a podcast from Endurance Planet on my way to work this morning. This podcast interview was with Gary Lavin from the Institue of Human Performance. This was a very interesting interview, because what the IHP are doing is kind of what I am trying to do myself, functional weight training for ultra running.

Weight Training notes

Squats-40 lbs (plus the bar) this is a good weight for me at the moment. I’m not giving it my all, I know I can squat heavier, but this is good for 3 sets right now.
Bench press-20 lbs (plus bar) doing good for 2 sets of 8. Today my left shoulder nagged a bit. Maybe I should do some weight training just on this arm.
Pec Deck Flye-30 lbs was pretty easy. Need to bump this up.
I had a good workout. The only thing I skipped were crunches on the incline, and any ab work on the floor.Back extensions didn’t bother me at all.
The nice weather is supposed to hold for another day, so I’m looking forward to a 8 mile run after work tomorrow!

Back on Track

Note to self: the coffee will brew quicker if you turn on the coffee maker first.

I had been a little worried about my Umstead Race. Although it is a 100 mile race, I am planning (and training) to run it as a 50 mile race. Sometime, a week or so ago, I changed my mind and decided I should give it everything I had, and train for it as a 100 mile race.
This promptly drove me batty. I started looking at the next three months-actually a little less than three months if you throw in a two-three week taper. And I live in Ohio! Our weather sucks in the winter! How would I get 20+ mile runs in? On the treadmill?
Monday I thought things over again. I went back to my original plan of training for Umstead as a 50 miler. My schedule makes sense again. And the March 31 50 mile race is good training for the “A” race, the Mohican 100 Trail Race.
Today is weight training at the gym. I may not do any ab work that involves me laying on the floor, my back is still bruised and a bit tender.

Running in a SKIRT

I don’t know whether the exempted Village of Newcomerstown was ready for a seemed like I got more than my usual goggles as I was out running today. I got out of work a bit later than I planned so I only ran 4 miles “around the block” as I call it, from my gym. It was a caveman-oh sorry, cavewoman run, I forgot my watch and other gadgets. I did have my iPod and my backup earbuds, so I cranked up the tunes and ran. It was a nice run too, temp in the fifties, and a really effortless run for me. I got back to the gym and did some good stretching out also.
Ok, back to the skirt…I really liked running in it. My skirt is from Skirtsports. I wear a 10/12 on the bottom and this skirt was a Large. I probaly would be a bit more comfortable in a XL (unless I lose a little weight.) It’s very comfortable. I used the pocket to stash my iPod in. I did have my normal inner-thigh chafing, but not so much in these colder weather. I was a bit hesitant about wearing it out today, then I thought, why not, I’m not showing any more leg than I have before.
I felt very girlie in this skirt- girlie in a good way. Like yes, I am a female, and I have some hawt legs, even being 40 years old, and my quads look way better than your quads, and oh yeah, see you at the finish line! I also had a pink visor on, from Headsweats and I left all my silver jewelery on. AND I had painted my nails on Sunday, so this was about the most girlie run I have done–ever! I felt so girlie in my skirt, I left my running clothes on when I had to hit the grocery store after the workout!

My FatAss Report

Should be subtitled:

Snow??!!! or

Every part of my body hurts!!

I only ran two loops, which was 16.6 miles. We got started pretty much at 5am, about twenty runners. Although it was dark out, there was 4 inches of snow, and a partial moon, so it was really bright out. I had a headlight on my hat, which I had to keep adjusting, but it was plenty enough to see with. It was 23 degrees at the start, and didn’t warm up much more from that for my 5 hours on the trail.
The Mill Park YUT-C course is a great course to run on. Of course it’s a bit less dangerous without all the ice! The Monkey Trail was a good example. The trail kind of goes straight uphill, levels off for a bit, then straight downhill. This downhill is carefully runnable in the fall, but part of it was pure ice. I slipped and slid down a bit on my butt. A tree collided with my thigh, stopping my descent and I thought “ that’ll leave a mark” and sighed. I had a bruise in the same spot from the last Mo run…
I finished the first loop in 2.20 and then started back the same way I had come in. I had the opportunity to talk to Bruce, another Mohican runner, before he got ahead of me after the ball park.
On this section of the trail, there is a log which you have to cross over a small stream. On the first loop, I slipped on this and gave myself quite a scare. On the second loop, I got smarter and just climbed down into the stream and bypassed the log.
My IT Band was letting me know I had not stretched properly in the past few weeks. I could feel my hip hurting, and my knee hurting whenever I ran. I knew I was getting slower (even more so than my normal slow speed) so that was discouraging. To distract myself from the leg, I tried enjoying the scenery. It was really beautiful in the park with the white covering of snow (it was daylight by now.) I wished for my camera to take some pics, especially of the icicles hanging off all the rock inclines. The portion by the Grist Mill of icicles was really spectacular.
This is where Jim met me again-he was already halfway through his third loop when I was just working on halfway through the second! I crossed the Covered Bridge and headed back toward the Lilly Pond.
On this section, I hit a patch of ice, slipped, got a foot on solid dirt, then the other foot came down on more ice, and WHAM!!! I slipped, legs in the air, landing on my back. My water bottle,which was in the small of my back, kind of melded into my body, which was pretty painful. I stayed there for a couple of seconds, pretty stunned and hurting. Then I rolled over to my knees—anything broke? No. Well, maybe my right middle finger, but if that was all, that was okay. Everything seemed to be working. I got up to my feet and slumped over a big rock, I was pretty shaky. Wasn’t able to move from there for a bit. Some hikers walked past me and I snapped out of it. Okay, forward motion and see how you feel. My head felt a bit funny and I felt my eyesight seemed weird-did I hit my head when I went down? I couldn’t remember. I took my hat off to see if there was dirt on the back of it. No, no dirt, maybe I was just shook up.
I walked for quite a bit, and pretty slowly. I wasn’t feeling all that great. My back, with its imprint from the water bottle was not happy. I wasn’t feeling like running either. But I was getting colder, and I knew I needed to run to keep from getting colder. The Advil that I had at the vehicle, that I was going to take for my IT Band, was looking better and better!!
I got back into a run, and got by the hikers, but still wasn’t feeling the greatest. I was worried a bit about my back. I knew it would hurt more later. I decided it would be best to stop after this lap with my leg and back issues. So I finished up at 4.51. Jim was coming in to start his fourth lap!! Back at the vehicles, so I chatted a bit with him, told him I was dropping, so everyone would know what had happened to me.

My back stiffened up overnight, but it doesn’t feel too bad, except the whole bruised lower section. But it doesn’t feel like I twisted or wrenched anything, just bruised up. I was disappointed in my bruise, I was hoping for a perfect outline of my water bottle in my back.