Monthly Archives: January 2007

Today’s Plan

Rest! It is a day off on my schedule, and rather than cross train, I’m just taking the whole day off. I’m going to eat cleanly and give my body time to recover.
I feel pretty good. My quads are just a bit stiff, and my back is kind of tight, so I do need to stretch today.

10 Mile Run

I did nail my workout this weekend. 31 miles Saturday, followed by 10 miles on Sunday. I did the 10 miles on the treadmill, since it was there, and gave me no excuse for not doing the workout. My legs really were not that tired; my knees were kind of sore. My goal was 10 miles or 2.5 hours, whichever. I did a combination of jogging and walking on the treadmill while watching TV. It really was not that bad. It seems like once I make up my mind to those 10 miles, I was committed to it. I think it also helped that I gave myself the option of 2.5 hours too-I was going to get the “time on my feet” whether I had to walk the entire 10 miles.
We then went out for the afternoon, and did alot of walking around the mall, which really tired me out. In fact, I am pretty whipped right now with the accumulation of 40! miles this weekend.

I did some thinking last night after getting home. I wondered why I did not practice better nutrition, like taking the Perpeteum with me again. It all came down to how I packed, with poor organization. I ended up packing late Thursday night, with all my dogs distracting me, so I think next race trip out of town needs a little better planning.

Buckeye 50K Trail Race Report

What a great day!! It dawned with temperature at 37 F-a balmy heat wave, compared to a high of around 10 degrees the day before!!
The Buckeye Trail 50K Winter run has three options- a 1/2 marathon, a full marathon, and a 50K. It is done on a different course than the summer 50K. This race had two double loops, a five mile out-n-back, and an 8 mile out and back. The 50K’ers then ran the the 5 mile portion again for the 50k.
This race again filled early, so early in fact, when I looked at the entrants lists, there were quite a few local ultrarunners who were not included! They waited too long to register. Tanya, the RD, is limited by the park to 125 entrants.
All three running groups were off at 7am. There was about one mile on the flat towpath, and it was a very crowded beginning, in fact, unless you were in the front pack, it must have been a pretty slow first miles. But that’s okay, it gave everyone a chance to warm up.
The trails were at first snow-covered and icy. My buddy
Mike and I had already decided to screw our shoes. This was a very good idea!! I had traction all throughout the race. Runners were skidding down hill, sliding, while I was able to keep running downhill pretty effortlessly.
I saw all sorts of friends out there today! I ran into my friend Nancy who lives up north but also has a cabin down my way. I also ran into another woman, not running the race, who knew me, but I couldn’t remember her name. Ooops, I hate when that happens. I knew alot of faces but were unsure of a few names out there today on the trails. I think the funniest ‘sighting’ was when a runner ran past me, then yelled out “hey do you have a running blog?” And I said yes, and he said he thought he recognized me! LOL. I’m famous.
As the day went on, the trail conditions deteriorated to mostly mud,due to the warm temperatures-but it still was not bad. There are some good hills on the BK, so plenty of time to rest up on the uphills and pound the downhills. Due to the icy conditions, we didn’t do the Brandywine River crossing, but one other small stream allowed me to get my feet wet!
I developed a new term on this run: ultrawhining. Yes, exactly what it sounds like. I was on the last leg, running for the last turn around point, and it was time to run the stairs again! So I am climbing these stairs, glad I have started on the stair master, and just generally doing ultrawhining. The term makes me laugh, and then I hold the following conversation with myself:
You know, you think this is fun.
You have a weird idea of fun. This is quite a workout.
You know, you actually do think marching up these stairs is fun.
You are having fun now!!
Then I started giggling. I do have fun out on the trails. I become such a happy camper outside in nature, I must be annoying to be around.
When I was on the last 5 mile portion, I ran into Roy, who is my friend and pretty much my running guru and mentor (I don’t know if he knows that or not!) Anyways, he paid me a very high compliment:” You now, you improve with each one of these races that you do. You’re taking names today!” Wow, that really made me feel good.
I finished up the 50K at 7 hours 30 minutes. Very nice!!! I had done an off the cuff prediction of around 8 hours with the course conditions. I was pretty pleased. I did try to push the last 5 miles, because I knew I could break the 8 hours if I just applied myself.
No falls, although I do have a new bruise, right across my wrist, like a line, maybe I whacked it into a tree-it’s not really a trail run unless I come back with a new bruise!


There is a stairmaster at the gym now, I did my first workout on it-that rocked! I did 10 minutes climbing “Pike’s Peak”. Then I did a second 10 minute climb called ‘build up’ or something like it. That was a good workout, I was dripping sweat while stepping. I kept imagining myself on one of the steep hills at Mohican too as I climbed.


I woke up this morning irritated with myself. I did not accomplish my weekend running goals, and I was fretting about that, and also my training schedule for this week, because I knew I had some work spillage into my training hours, and I hate when
real life interferes with my running plans! I knew I couldn’t make up the 20 miles during the week, since I have a 50K this Saturday. So I finally roll out of bed, brew some coffee, and see what I am supposed to do this week.
It became alot easier when I looked at the schedule: 1 4 mile run, 2 8 mile runs, a day of cross training. Friday is a day off since I will drive to Cleveland. I decided to get one of my eight mile runs in today, on the treadmill.
I thought this was going to be my longest treadmill run until I stumbled across one of my blog entries in December, about a 8 mile treadmill run.
I came home after work, put on a DVD and started. And for once, the treadmill run was not that bad. I knew once I hit the four mile mark that I would certainly do the whole run. I’ve gotten past the mental aspect and the physical part is going well-heck, I know I can run 8 miles, no problem, it’s that mental aspect of the tread to get by.
At mile 6 I felt I was going into victory laps on the belt. I felt really really good about a treadmill run. That’s pretty interesting! I think I’m building endurance, both physically and mentally!

Best laid plans

It’s snowing heavily here now. The roads are completely covered, so that put my plans of running to town and back for 20 miles off. It’s too hard to run on slick roads and then contend with cars coming around sharp corners and down hills. I thought about going to Salt Fork to run on trails there, but it’s still deer season (archery) here through February 4th, and I want to stay out of that area until then. Salt Fork State Park is a very popular deer hunting area.
So I am drinking coffee, watching it snow, and blogging. I screwed my shoes this morning in anticipation of the The Buckeye Trail 50K race this weekend. The trails should be a mixture of snow, ice and mud, so I hope the
screwed shoes
will be effective.
I’m going to go the gym for some weight training, and try out the stair climber that is new there. Then home for some treadmill time!