Best laid plans

It’s snowing heavily here now. The roads are completely covered, so that put my plans of running to town and back for 20 miles off. It’s too hard to run on slick roads and then contend with cars coming around sharp corners and down hills. I thought about going to Salt Fork to run on trails there, but it’s still deer season (archery) here through February 4th, and I want to stay out of that area until then. Salt Fork State Park is a very popular deer hunting area.
So I am drinking coffee, watching it snow, and blogging. I screwed my shoes this morning in anticipation of the The Buckeye Trail 50K race this weekend. The trails should be a mixture of snow, ice and mud, so I hope the
screwed shoes
will be effective.
I’m going to go the gym for some weight training, and try out the stair climber that is new there. Then home for some treadmill time!

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