I woke up this morning irritated with myself. I did not accomplish my weekend running goals, and I was fretting about that, and also my training schedule for this week, because I knew I had some work spillage into my training hours, and I hate when
real life interferes with my running plans! I knew I couldn’t make up the 20 miles during the week, since I have a 50K this Saturday. So I finally roll out of bed, brew some coffee, and see what I am supposed to do this week.
It became alot easier when I looked at the schedule: 1 4 mile run, 2 8 mile runs, a day of cross training. Friday is a day off since I will drive to Cleveland. I decided to get one of my eight mile runs in today, on the treadmill.
I thought this was going to be my longest treadmill run until I stumbled across one of my blog entries in December, about a 8 mile treadmill run.
I came home after work, put on a DVD and started. And for once, the treadmill run was not that bad. I knew once I hit the four mile mark that I would certainly do the whole run. I’ve gotten past the mental aspect and the physical part is going well-heck, I know I can run 8 miles, no problem, it’s that mental aspect of the tread to get by.
At mile 6 I felt I was going into victory laps on the belt. I felt really really good about a treadmill run. That’s pretty interesting! I think I’m building endurance, both physically and mentally!

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