Monthly Archives: January 2007

Elliptical Today

It was cold and very windy today, and I felt wimpy, so I went to the gym and did 8 miles, in 76 minutes on the elliptical. It was a good workout, I love the elliptical. I crank up my music and go. It’s so brainless, so automatic. You can listen to loud music and just veg out and sweat.
I got some good stretching in also.
Tomorrow is a nice 20 mile run. I think I will establish base camp at the gym, and run on the country roads that I haven’t been on since it gets dark so early. I have a normal 11 mile route “around the block” to the gym, and with the Garmin 205 help, I can extend that a bit further. On one of my country backroads, I have been wanting to run further up a different hill and see the view of the other side..tomorrow I get to do that. Maybe I will carry the camera to see what the view brings.

Blogger Sucks

I had written a wonderful, thoughtful, delightful post..and Blogger lost it.
Now I am left with “good weight training session at the gym.”

Hopefully I will write a wonderful long dialogue on my trail run tomorrow, type it, save it somewhere, and then post it to Blogger.


Maybe all I did need was dirt in my shoes again. I feel back to normal today. I had a very good weight session at the gym. Tomorrow is a 4 mile run, on my little new found trail. It’s back to winter weather though, supposed to be a high of 30.

Weekend in WV

I just got back from West Virginia. I travelled south for the annual West Virginia Trail Runner Club meeting.
What a great time. Dan and Jody open their house up Friday through Sunday for a bunch of runners to eat, sleep, run, party at their house. This was my first visit to their home and I love it there, they have a great place out in the woods. Seeing old friends was good and I met alot of new people too. After spending one day together makes you feel like you’ve known them a long time.
Three of us did the shorter 7 mile run, while the others (probaly 12? or so) opted for the 12 mile loop. It was in the fifties, with light rain. This was a great trail run, partly on Dan’s property, then some timber land. It was muddy!!!Lots of water crossing, lots of running in water due to water coursing down the road. I took a wrong step in a puddle and ended up wet to my knees!
I almost took a full face plant in a huge mud puddle when my foot sank into the mud and the mud didn’t give it up. A hand planted into the mud puddle (the one with the Garmin 205 naturally) saved me. Hopefully the Garmin can handle a dunking!
Once we returned to the house for cougar stew, deer meatballs, and
a keg of microbrewed beer courtesy of Dan’s son, Willie, it was time for a quick shower and meeting. Then we started popping corks off the wine, and much talking, drinking, eating, and friendliess flowed for the rest of the evening.


I’m running a marathon! I haven’t run a marathon in over a year!

I’m kind of excited about it. This is the ” Last Chance for Boston” Marathon in Dublin Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus. This is a one mile loop on a side business road. There will be very little traffic and there will be aid station every mile. The price goes up January 15 so I decided today to enter it. The weather could be very iffy February 11 in Ohio; but hey! I’m an ultrarunner, I can take weather conditions. I think I can also tolerate asphalt roads, after running 41 miles on asphalt last week.


I have been tired all week long. Like really tired. Like dragging tired.
I ran trails today, I felt all sluggish but I was only five minutes slower than my usual loop. So maybe there is more of it in my head than my body.
The non-ultra community would probaly point out I just ran a long distance and should take time off to recover. Well, I did take a day off. And this was my first run this week. So I did cut way back on mileage. Enough to feel guilty, like I am a slacker. Oh well. I’m glad the work week is ending tomorrow. I’m going to the annual meeting of the West Virginia Trail Runners on Saturday. Yes, I know I live in Ohio. And, actually, I am planning on joining the
North East Ohio Trail Club as soon as I remember to write the check.
There will be a meeting and a run. Last year they had a blizzard. This year it looks like weather in the fifties and rain. It looks like another run in shorts!

Post Run Casualty

I have a blister under my big toenail. A big blister, seems like it was under the whole nail.
I came home from the gym. I thought I would give that heated needle through the nail to drain the blister method. So I got the needle, and the candle. Heated up the needle, tried to stick it through the nail. Nope. Maybe not hot enough? I got a bigger needle. Heated it up. Tried again. Nothing. Held the needle in the flame longer. Still nothing. Hmm. Either I am too chicken to get this needle hot enough..or I just don’t know how to do it.
I let the needle cool, ran some alcohol over it, and then stuck it between my nailbed on the toe. If I didn’t hit the blister, I reasoned, it would only hurt briefly. And if I hit the blister, it wouldn’t hurt at all. Paydirt!! Blood started spurting out. I carefully kept re-inserting the needle, applying pressure to the nail to get more of the blood out. This seems to have worked, although I still would like to know if anyone has done the heated needle through the nail trick.

Oh yeah, I did work out today. Light work out, just some core and upper arms. Then I stretched well. I don’t feel too bad, I was just pretty tired most of the day.