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Regis Shivers Sr.

My friend Regis passed away this morning. I don’t know what else to say right now. I tend to get really quiet after a death, just kind of in shut down mode.
I have known Reg for the last two years but really don’t know so much about his running history. I know he was a very good runner. He ran Mohican 10 times and earned his 1000 belt buckle. He ran the Appalachian Trail and completed it. I know he ran numerous races, including Punxy,Buckeye Trail, JFK, Mountain Masochist, Massanutten, Arkansas Traveller, Rattlesnake 50K-oh who knows what else, I didn’t even know about some of these until I “googled” him. I know he was very proud about his Double Moe in 1999.

Reg was always happy to have me ask him for advice, even as I asked the most bone-headed newby questions. I never felt stupid or awkward asking him things.
It was always great fun to ask him questions about Mohican, since he knew the course so well. I think he really enjoyed those talks and questions, because he knew how much I loved being out at Mo. It was fun to ask “hey, I took a wrong turn on the hill past Rt 3, the hill that is like Two Beer Hill in Punxy, what did I do”? And he knew exactly what I was talking about.

One of my most happy race moments is in the picture above. I was just coming into the Grist Mill Aid Station. It was about ninety degrees out, no lie. I watched the womam in front of me turn into the drive and people greeted her. I felt very “ultrawhiny” at this moment; I had no one crewing for me, and had no relatives out there to cheer me on. So I turn into the drive for the aid station, and Reg is standing there in front of me! I was amazed and so pleased to see them! I have no idea WHY we were laughing so much-that I was still in the race? Still crazy enough to be there? That was a huge pick me up. And then, little good little ultrarunner fairies, Di and Reg continued to pop out ahead of me at all the aid stations. In fact, they even drove my butt back to the campground after I dropped!
Reg even got a run in onthe 2006 Mohican Race. Our friend Rich, was fading a bit at the fire tower. His wife Wendy, Di, and Reg were discussing options. One was to send me out with Rich. Okay by me. Reg decided to go. In the darkness with no light. He hadn’t run in months. So Rich and Reg ran off into the night for the four mile section from the Fire Tower to the Covered Bridge. I am so glad he got to experience his beloved Mohican for one last time.
I miss you Reg, and will be thinking about you when we run on Mohican this Sunday. I bet we’ll have some good conversations talking about you.

One month til Umstead!

just wrote out my training plan for the month of March-it’s one month til Umstead!
I’m having the scared thoughts today.
Long runs for the month are:
March 3 and 4th: long run at Mohican both days. 21 or so Saturday; 13 on Sunday.
March 10: 50K FA on the YUT-C course. I am contemplating just driving over from home so I will be good and tired.
March 17 & 18: tapering down to a 16 and 10 weekend.
March 24: we’ll actually be in Cinti for our big wine tasting weekend. It would be realistic to say that I might not get a run in all weekend long.
Am I ready for this? I have no idea. Training in these winter months have really been difficult to get long runs in. I’ve done lots of cross training and have been working well on my core and stretching. (Except not so much this last week.)

Plans for the month:
Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. I started taking glucosamine chondroitin again, and a new anti-oxidant. Cut down on wine and coffee. Stretch more!
I started reading race reports from Umstead and realized with the aid stations, I won’t have to carry much with me at all-that will be great!
I also realized there may be some great variations in temperature so I need to think about warm humid conditions and then cold weather at night.
I have been having good luck with Perpeteum on training runs so I will probably be using a good deal of that during my race. I also like ClifBlok Shots and CliffShots, so I need to make sure I have a good supply of these before the race. In reading race reports, I noticed a reference to a REI store in Cary and Raleigh, so I should be able to resupply myself if needed.
I’m not too concerned about clothes and shoes. I just picked up three new pairs of Saucony Trigon Rides 3 (as opposed to the newer 4’s). I plan on wearing these for the race, not trail shoes. I have my cool pink Dirty Girl Gaiters; I just have to attach Velcro to these shoes. My clothes are well, old and broken in, no need for anything new there.

Anyone have any thoughts on driving after a 100 mile race? I will be alone. I could always get a hotel room for right after the race, but would I be better off trying to get a few miles up the road? This, strangely enough, is one of my biggest concerns at the moment-how I am going to get myself home after the race.

Since my husband was out of town with our guest, I got to the gym for a very satsifying workout on the elliptical-I bumped the level up one, and got a good 40 minutes in. Then ten minutes on the Stair Master-I didn’t have my feet just right on it, and developed a calf cramp, but finished the workout. I do like the Stair Master.

Tomorrow will hopefully be an outside run!

Week End Recap

Wednesday: Get to Louisville, check in at hotel by 3.30 pm. I am mentally getting ready to hit the treadmill at the hotel. Then the husband asks “Why don’t we go wine shopping, and then go out to dinner from there?”
Hmm. Split second decision with out of town guest. Ok. Wine shopping and dinner to follow. Louisville, Kentucky, has some most excellent restaurants, one of the reasons I am always happy to take a few days off work and go to Louisville with my husband.
We have dinner at Palermos, an Argentinian restaurant, that I have been wanting to try for a few years. It’s very good, although I forgot to include carbs, unless you count my calamari appetizer.
Thursday: after I unload the van for the show, I am free for the day! After a few wrong turns, I find my way to Jefferson Memorial Forrest where there was just a 50K run “Lovin the Hills 50K the weekend before.
It turns out I ended up running the main portions on the LTH course-I ran the red trail section, then the blue section, back over to the Main Welcome Center, then out the Siltstone Trail out-and back.
It’s very nice trail! Non-technical, free of roots and rocks, nice dirt, some single track and some jeep-access road, but non stop up and down hills! My quads are still sore on Sunday after this run!
Friday: I am free after noon. I do some quick shopping, then hit the elliptical at the hotel gym. The husband calls after about 1/2 hour. I am surprised, I thought I had more free time!! Work out ends.
Saturday: more shopping, no gym time. We shop at a Chinese supermarket and score lots of items we can’t have at home. We have dinner at a local favorite Ethiopian restaurant.
Sunday: drive home. No workout.
I am feeling a little pressed for a good workout, although I did get one long run in Thursday–and didn’t I just run a marathon last week or so?
I am planning on a long run weekend this weekend-hopefully two days at Mohican, on trails, maybe with some others. I am getting to the point where I need to get away for long runs, if I stay at home life is interfering too much!


What a change the weather can make in your attitude. It was about 40 degrees when I left work today—it was practically HOT! I got my 4 miles in on the treadmill, the house seemed hot and stuffy with the sun beating down.
Maybe I can get an outside run in tomorrow before we leave town on Wednesday…

Thngs to Do Today

I started this post early in the morning, and I’ve been able to check off most of the items. I even got out for some cross country skiing. I used Dennis’ poles, which were too long for me. Maybe I can purchase some ski poles while in Louisville.
It looks like my “free day” in Louisville will be Thursday. This is my chance to get my 50K in. Now I need to check weather forecast, and figure out where to run. I have some maps printed out for the Jefferson Memorial Forest, where they just had the “Lovin the Hills 50K” run Saturday. I hope to be on the trails there. Weather forecast for Louisville: High of 56 no rain!!!!

Snowy Saturday

I started my run at 8am this morning. My husband was able to follow my route closely by just poking his head into the rec room and see me still on the tread. Unlike Rob I only had a 10 miler today, an 8 mile run tomorrow. I’m sure they will all be on the treadmill. I do share his frustration with the weather though. I drove a side street on my normal running route and it’s still snow and ice covered and unsuitable to run on. Running trails really wouldn’t be the term right now-more like slogging through the snow. Our walk today with the dogs was the same as yesterday-breaking through the ice crust down into about six inches of snow.

I got out to see my friend Regis who was discharged from the hospital. He is groggy from his meds, but seemed to be following our conversation. His wife Di, and I, talked about his two runs on the Appalachian Trail. Regis successfully ran the entire AT in 2002. It was a good visiit, I was glad to see him still fighting and still with us.
Reg Jr happened to be home, so I got to discuss the fast approaching Umstead Race. Jr has run it before, so that good to discuss. Jr had a good point, with all the loops you run on Umstead, it can be a mental challenge to not stop at your nice warm car or bunk.

The snow continues to fall here, big fluffy snowflakes. It’s sure alot easy to look at when you have already gotten your workout done for the day!


I was kind of contemplating a Mo run this weekend until out on the hills today with the pups. The snow is frozen to a crust. As you walk, you break through (unless you weigh about 60 lbs, like my GS pup girl, Condie) and sink down. I could see a “run” in Mohican taking quite a long time. So it’s probaly a treadmill weekend for me!