One month til Umstead!

just wrote out my training plan for the month of March-it’s one month til Umstead!
I’m having the scared thoughts today.
Long runs for the month are:
March 3 and 4th: long run at Mohican both days. 21 or so Saturday; 13 on Sunday.
March 10: 50K FA on the YUT-C course. I am contemplating just driving over from home so I will be good and tired.
March 17 & 18: tapering down to a 16 and 10 weekend.
March 24: we’ll actually be in Cinti for our big wine tasting weekend. It would be realistic to say that I might not get a run in all weekend long.
Am I ready for this? I have no idea. Training in these winter months have really been difficult to get long runs in. I’ve done lots of cross training and have been working well on my core and stretching. (Except not so much this last week.)

Plans for the month:
Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. I started taking glucosamine chondroitin again, and a new anti-oxidant. Cut down on wine and coffee. Stretch more!
I started reading race reports from Umstead and realized with the aid stations, I won’t have to carry much with me at all-that will be great!
I also realized there may be some great variations in temperature so I need to think about warm humid conditions and then cold weather at night.
I have been having good luck with Perpeteum on training runs so I will probably be using a good deal of that during my race. I also like ClifBlok Shots and CliffShots, so I need to make sure I have a good supply of these before the race. In reading race reports, I noticed a reference to a REI store in Cary and Raleigh, so I should be able to resupply myself if needed.
I’m not too concerned about clothes and shoes. I just picked up three new pairs of Saucony Trigon Rides 3 (as opposed to the newer 4’s). I plan on wearing these for the race, not trail shoes. I have my cool pink Dirty Girl Gaiters; I just have to attach Velcro to these shoes. My clothes are well, old and broken in, no need for anything new there.

Anyone have any thoughts on driving after a 100 mile race? I will be alone. I could always get a hotel room for right after the race, but would I be better off trying to get a few miles up the road? This, strangely enough, is one of my biggest concerns at the moment-how I am going to get myself home after the race.

Since my husband was out of town with our guest, I got to the gym for a very satsifying workout on the elliptical-I bumped the level up one, and got a good 40 minutes in. Then ten minutes on the Stair Master-I didn’t have my feet just right on it, and developed a calf cramp, but finished the workout. I do like the Stair Master.

Tomorrow will hopefully be an outside run!

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