Monthly Archives: February 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Not so much a romantic day here in Ohio. Took a half hour to break through the ice on my vehicle, had to pick up a staff member on my way to the hospital-her good/bad luck to live on my route! Busy day at the hospital, but all staff showed up-good going!
My friend ended up getting admitted to my hospital. In one way, I was glad, because I could then provide very good patient care, since I know his wife is an excellent historian, and can provide me with all the information I need, to take care of his needs. On the other hand, I see my friend, not doing well at all, still trying to stay with us. It’s hard to say much more without becoming really sad. I think I will have to launch into the ‘live every moment’ soapbox. Life is precious, and good, and you never know how long you will be around with your loved ones, so try and love every moment of it, savour your runs, and try to enjoy every minute.

Snow snow snow

The winter storm has hit here. I am strongly hoping for a “snow day” here where I cannot get off my hilltop. It doesn’t happen to often for me, it has to be where I cannot drive on the roads. I sent some of my staff home at two pm, the ones who lived out of town. I called off another staff member who was in Columbus, and told her not to come to work on Wednesday, someone else volunteered to work her shift.
I live the farthest out of town, but I didn’t leave until I knew a friend had a ride home. My friend, who has is battling cancer, now has pneumonia. He came in to our clinic for an IV antibiotic and I was worried how he and his wife were going to get home, since the emergency squad had brought them in.
It turns out I couldn’t give him a ride home, since he needed oxygen and there was no spare tank, and the squad was available to get him home. So shortly after that was cleared up, I headed home. My ride was uneventful until I hit the curvy section, the 1.5 miles to my house, I would say the roads were the worst since I moved in.

SO I get home, get out to the barn, get my cross country skis on, and I bust a ski pole! How does that happen? I still tried to go on with 1.4 ski poles, but gave up soon. I got back to the barn, and then had fun with the dogs for another 1/2 hour. The rain and sleet had frozen a crust to the snow, so I was skipping snowballs over the surface of the snow for the dogs to chase. They were having great fun!

Dirt Dirt Dirt

Oh yes! An outside run! It was a balmy 36 degrees! I wore tights and just two shirts. I even found a ballcap in my vehicle to wear instead of a knit cap.
My little trail was partly snow covered, partly icy, and partly frozen mud. I wore my ‘screwed shoes’ and have discovered I need to take a few more screws out, their points are making contact with my foot.
It was a sluggish 1.5 hour run, the footing was treacherous. My legs felt quite good. I was very tired in the morning, but seemed to perk up with lots of food today, and the notion of the outside run.
It was so good to be out on the trail and in nature. I don’t know how else to describe it. I had to pause for a moment to watch a hawk swoop, then also when I heard a crack! and watched a branch plummet to earth. Funny, how it decided to break right then and there. It’s just so relaxing and therapeutic to be out in the woods, moving from surface to surface, changing your position instantly with the changing trail conditions.
What to do tomorrow? It is a day off, but I have a feeling I need to take off Valentine’s Day, so depending on the weather, I may A) break out the cross country skis, the conditions are perfect on my land B) Hit the gym for a good workout and stairmaster. We’re supposed to be getting all this snow tomorrow.
So glad I hit the trails today!

Last Chance for Boston Race Report

This was a one mile loop over in Dublin Ohio, in the midst of corporate hotels and office buildings. The loop is totally flat.
I get to Dublin and run into my neighbors, Wendy and Gabe, who I did not know where running this! We could have shared gas costs! Gabe is a new ultra runner (and fast!!) and just signed up for Mohican! This is great for me because now I can get some night runs in with his company. My husband was very happy to know I will running around the woods with a younger man. Isn’t ultra running COOL!!!
We get to the starting line and a masked woman waves at me. It turns out to be Nancy, from Medina, who has come over with Kim and Suzanne. (See, I am not the only crazy one…)
It’s a balmy 10 degrees at race time. I’m wearing two pairs of pants and three shirts. My headband kind of freezes to my head with the sweat. I’m not the only one with hair icicles. Luckily, there really was only a light wind.
Also out there and running Mo was Jeff from Columbus, and Josh from Cinti, who has signed up for Mohican. They said hi every few times as they lapped me!
I got whiny about mile 12, as my hamstring started hurting. I was dying for some elevation change, to get some work to my legs. I was about ready to run up and down a snowbank. I took my own advice when you start to feel bad, and ate something, and took some Advil. I really was discouraged this loop, and starting to get in a bad mood. I don’t really know why, maybe just low blood sugar. Then I overheard someone’s conversation “would you run this race next year?” Well, I realized I wasn’t running this as a race, it was just a training run, and a way for me to get time on my feet. This helped with my mood (and probaly the sugar and Advil helped) so I just plugged along.

I really don’t like road marathons. My knees were killing me. By mile 21, when I stopped for water, my knees kind of locked up on me. That was a new experience. So I finished the race by continuing to slowly jog, no more stops–because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to a running pace again!
I felt worse physcially after this road race than I did after 27 miles of Mountain Masochist. I felt pretty good after the continous ups and downs of Virginia; this flat and hard land of Dublin just plain hurt!
I came home and took an ice bath because I felt I needed it. Now I feel okay, it will be interesting to see how I am tomorrow.
Mentally, this was a good run. It was a good way to force myself to run 26.2 miles. Remind me next to just go run trails instead!!


“There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.”

Yes, that is true. And my clothing was inappropriate! I managed two loops around the gym, both about 4 miles each. On the first loop I overdressed-tights, running pants over them; a bra,singlet, two long-sleeved shirts, and a wind shirt. A hat,scarf, and gloves with army knit mittens over them.
I ended up sweating up a storm, as usual, all layers on top were wet. When I stopped after the first loop, my running bra was completely soaked too, but I didn’t have a spare. So I left it on, and just added one short-sleeved DriFit shirt and a really warm knit top-then my arms froze on the second loop.
I fought with my scarf the whole first loop. It slid down off my face around the third mile, so I just ignored it. Around mile 4 I noticed my lips and cheeks were getting numb. I pulled the scarf back up.

After the two loops, I just decided to bag it. It just wasn’t worth the numb body parts, the worse-than-normal drivers, and getting accosted by dogs (I guess when its really cold out it’s okay to let your big dogs run loose).

It still was a good run though. I was happy to get 8.5 miles in. It was a beautiful morning to run in, the moon was still in the sky when I started, and everything was covered in whiteness here this morning. I think I will look at this as I’ve begun my tapering for my marathon next weekend..