Thngs to Do Today

I started this post early in the morning, and I’ve been able to check off most of the items. I even got out for some cross country skiing. I used Dennis’ poles, which were too long for me. Maybe I can purchase some ski poles while in Louisville.
It looks like my “free day” in Louisville will be Thursday. This is my chance to get my 50K in. Now I need to check weather forecast, and figure out where to run. I have some maps printed out for the Jefferson Memorial Forest, where they just had the “Lovin the Hills 50K” run Saturday. I hope to be on the trails there. Weather forecast for Louisville: High of 56 no rain!!!!

2 thoughts on “Thngs to Do Today

  1. Mike

    I thought your upcoming run was the “lovin the hills” race. I guess I don’t always read very carefully. Anyways, ROCK THE TRAINING RUN! And STILL looking forward to the report.


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