Week End Recap

Wednesday: Get to Louisville, check in at hotel by 3.30 pm. I am mentally getting ready to hit the treadmill at the hotel. Then the husband asks “Why don’t we go wine shopping, and then go out to dinner from there?”
Hmm. Split second decision with out of town guest. Ok. Wine shopping and dinner to follow. Louisville, Kentucky, has some most excellent restaurants, one of the reasons I am always happy to take a few days off work and go to Louisville with my husband.
We have dinner at Palermos, an Argentinian restaurant, that I have been wanting to try for a few years. It’s very good, although I forgot to include carbs, unless you count my calamari appetizer.
Thursday: after I unload the van for the show, I am free for the day! After a few wrong turns, I find my way to Jefferson Memorial Forrest where there was just a 50K run “Lovin the Hills 50K the weekend before.
It turns out I ended up running the main portions on the LTH course-I ran the red trail section, then the blue section, back over to the Main Welcome Center, then out the Siltstone Trail out-and back.
It’s very nice trail! Non-technical, free of roots and rocks, nice dirt, some single track and some jeep-access road, but non stop up and down hills! My quads are still sore on Sunday after this run!
Friday: I am free after noon. I do some quick shopping, then hit the elliptical at the hotel gym. The husband calls after about 1/2 hour. I am surprised, I thought I had more free time!! Work out ends.
Saturday: more shopping, no gym time. We shop at a Chinese supermarket and score lots of items we can’t have at home. We have dinner at a local favorite Ethiopian restaurant.
Sunday: drive home. No workout.
I am feeling a little pressed for a good workout, although I did get one long run in Thursday–and didn’t I just run a marathon last week or so?
I am planning on a long run weekend this weekend-hopefully two days at Mohican, on trails, maybe with some others. I am getting to the point where I need to get away for long runs, if I stay at home life is interfering too much!

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