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Ready to Go

The bags are in the vehicle. I have the hotel room info, the maps printed. I got out of work about 230 pm today; I freaked a few people out today about the race. “Oh you are running a 100…100k right? 100 MILES???” they were really stunned, which of course made me MORE nervous…I just took comfort in the fact that I was not the only freaky person doing this, there are LOTS of US that think this is sane AND FUN all at the same time. “How long will this take you? How long to recover? How will you feel afterward?” All questions today. I answered them all truthfully. I do not know. I’ve never run a 100 miles before. But I am going to do it on Saturday.

I really like Chris’ post from Cool Running,and I am going to keep it in mind all weekend…no dropping before you walk for a 1/2 hour..and no dropping before you sit for a 1/2 hour….

If I can keep my positive attitude throughout the race, I will be in good shape. I am actually looking forward to the new experience for me, the night time hours of the run, something I haven’t done before. Having a pacer is also a new experience. Especially since I have never met Steve. That should be good for a 10 or 20 mile chat along.
We leave at 6 am Friday, so I doubt I will be back online. On Sunday, we are going to drive to about the WV line and stop for the night, so I won’t be back til Monday to give you my race synopsis.

Thank you all so much for the support as I venture into unknown territory. I will be *thinking* about you-all this race (I will have plenty of time to do so!!!)

Mystery Watch

Okay, I got a package in the mail today, at work. It is a watch! It looks like the country of origin is China. WTF????? No name on who sent it! Very strange.
It’s a Rolex. LOL.

Frankly, I never thought I’d ever own anything as luxurious as a Rolex timepiece, but it goes to show you that anything is possible and some truly remarkable stuff can happen to any of us completely randomly! Since I’ve never really been someone that aspired to wear a watch like this, I haven’t given much thought as to what style of watch is truly the best fit for me or my personality. Granted, this is an absolutely crucial element of purchasing a watch, so it is important to give this some thought before you make any purchase. For reference, a blog post such as this one may be able to help you figure out what style of watch best suits your own preferences (unless of course you want to wait to get a Rolex through the door too!)

The only people I currently know in China (or I think he’s still there) is Jim, from running with at Mohican, and his wife. So Jim, if you sent me this watch, thanks!

I’m still way puzzled by this one!!

Can Do Attitude

I get the reminder from this morning (actually they reminded me 4 times enough already guys):
Dear KIM:

Your event is coming up and we want to be sure you’re event day ready. Please take a moment to review your race registration information below:

Print and bring along to your event
Confirmation #: 4893975-111006161706
Name: Kim Love-Ottobre
Event Name: Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run
Date: 03/31/07
Location: Wm B Umstead State Park
Event Web Site:

Safety ID Tag, Like Road ID
Post Event Snack
Plenty of Can-Do Attitude

Heh. Don’t forget that extra helping of Can-Do Attitude!
Post event snack. Check. I may be a little hungry afterwards.


Ok, I have some of my drop bags packed. I just have two, since Umstead is a loop course. It seems like a ridiculous amount of stuff. I don’t recall having this much stuff for Mohican, but I only planned a 50 miler portion of Mo last year. And I was wishing for tape at mile 52, and baby wipes, and a clean towel.
I will get the spare clothing packed into the bags today. Everything goes into a plastic bag, because you don’t know if your bag will be out in the elements and it may be raining. The forecast for now calls for highs around 72 and lows in the 50’s with a chance of rain Saturday night.
I need to go for a run today as I am feeling like I could jump out of my skin right now. Not so much nerves, it’s just I haven’t run in five days, I have some energy to release. Just a little run!!

Payday Bar Embargo??

I’ve now visited two stores and no snack sized PayDay Bars. I luv these things, one of my favorite ultra snack. So I need some for Umstead and the supply seems to be dried up! Oh well, I will have to try another store when I am out and about tomorrow.

I started thinking way too hard today (especially since I was at work and should have been thinking about work things.) Then I found some nice quotes from Kevin Sayer’s Web Site:

From Karl King:

Blake Wood wrote:

“I guess I’m in the minority. I don’t get nervous before races anymore.”

It’s good to see that I’m not alone in this. Any race is not a life and death matter. At the end, we’ll go home and think about what to run next.

Before the race I’ve planned, trained, and gathered information from those who have been successful on the course. The logistics have been run through and the equipment put in place. The only thing left to do is execute and enjoy. Even if the outcome is not what I had in mind, my ego is strong enough to accept it, learn from it, and do better next time.

So, I stand on the starting line with the child’s sense of discovery and joy. This is what I chose to do, and I’m delighted. No place for nervousness to enter.


“A race is not so much a race, but a celebration of all the hard work that you have done.”

The best advice I’ve ever heard, and I wish I could recall who said it, was “Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.”

I plan to enjoy myself. This is what I have chosen to do for myself, to test myself, to have fun in the great outdoors, to be delighted that I have the health, ability, drive, determination to do this; that I get so much pleasure out of being in the great outdoors and just revel in it.

Okay. Time to go start packing some drop bags.

Running Lists

Drop Bag Contents
First Aid
lambswool (not sure, didn’t help last run)
duct tape
drugs (ibuprofen, tums, imodium, Pepcid)
Succeed caps

Payday bars (candy size)
PB & Ritz crackers
Clif Shot Blocks
Adrenaline Drink
Espresso Beans

Clothing/Comfort Items

ball cap
spare bra
spare shortS?
long sleeve shirt
Baby wipes
suntan lotion
hand sanitizer
small towel