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Tired Today

I’ve been tired today. (Duh, I wonder why, ran a good 25 miles on trails yesterday.) I went to the gym and did an abbreviated core workout. My left leg ITB Band is making itself known, which isn’t good, since it was the right leg that I hurt last year. So more stretching for me and take better care of my legs.

I’ve actually had quiet time to myself and sat outside in the sunlight and pondered my drop bags/shoe changes for Mohican. I know it’s 6 weeks off, but why not get these details down while I have the time to do so? I quibbled and scribbled, trying to figure out where I could leave shoes after which water crossings. The Mohican 100, if the small stream has dried up, will have 9 water crossings. 3 on the red (which you do twice) two on the green (which you do twice) and one crossing the Clear Fork River to the Covered Bridge. If the newer stream is high on the green, and you can’t jump it, count on two more stream crossings. This makes figuring out sock and shoe changes challenging.
Do you need to change shoes or socks the entire 100 run? Or maybe twice? I don’t know. I’m a solid experiment of one. I know the course now, and have run 1/2 of it last year, so I think I have a good opinion.
Shoe/Sock Changes:
Change from # 1 pair of shoes to # 2 pair. Rockpoint, 10 miles into race.
Wear # 2 shoes through green section (with one water crossing), Blue loop, Orange loop, back to COvered Bridge, with the river water crossing. Change into #3 Pair Shoes AND socks in Drop Bag.
Run Red Loop with three water crossings.
At RockPoint, change socks, keep same shoes. Run green section again (with one water crossing.) Run Orange loop again. Run Red loop, back to Rock point.
Change into Shoes # 1 that I left there 24 hours previous. AND new socks. Scamper on home to the campground, 10 miles to go.

So I need to buy a few more pairs of Injinji socks before Mohican!!

Water Crossings at Mohican

Gabe, Regis, and I arrived at 8am at the Covered Bridge. We were going to run the “Blue Loop”, a 4 mile loop on the 100 Mile Course. Gabe was a newcomer to Mohican, who is running it in 6 weeks!! with the rest of us, but has never been on the course. We had fun introducing Gabe to this pretty little section, complete with a climb UP, over roots to the top of one waterfall, 2 miles in between, then a climb DOWN the next waterfall!
We finished right in time, at 9 am, to join the two others running with us today, Dave and Kyle. We started up the “red section” and the four guys quickly pulled away from me. I was having problems breathing on this hard uphill section; I don’t know whether it was because I tried to use my inhaler without getting my breathing settled. I hit the top of the hill and had to make two bathroom breaks. After this, the last guy was completely out of sight and I knew I was on my own!!
No worries. I knew exactly where I was going, and while I do love having folks to chat with, I was also fine being by myself. That’s what is going to happen on race day.
The red section at Mohican has three water crossings. After the flash flood storm of last July, the stream beds have become cut much deeper. It has rained in the area all the past week, so I was confronted with this at water crossing #1:

Hmm. I waded in cautiously. The current was swift. I got midstream and got stuck. I lifted my leg to step onto a flat rock–and the current started to carry my foot downstream. I stopped completely. Now what? I finally summoned the courage to quickly plant both feet on the slick flat rock–since I carry so much natural ballast around, I didn’t get swept away. Whew!!
Water crossing #2 comes just 4/10 of a mile further on. (I know, because my Garmin was actually working today.)
The second crossing was not so bad, the water was just up to my thighs.

Water Crossing # 3 was a different story. The stream bed has become much deeper after the July storms. I was actually worried here. There was no way I was crossing right here. So I headed downstream. I walked and walked, trying to find a spot to cross!! I was actually considering heading back uptrail, when I found a spot I could actually see the bottom in. I made my way across, the water again up to my thighs. The guys got a kick out of this crossing, because the water actually came up to their groin area–so they knew it would be about waist high on me. I told them if I hadn’t had my camera with me I would have just swam across.
After this, I was walking uphill, eating (of course!!) and I run into a female runner headed downhill. This was Karen or Kathy (in my running brain depleted state I can’t remember) who has run Mo before; knew who I was; might sign up this year despite her bout with pneaumonia! I must have spent ten minutes or so chatting with her, then I was getting cold and had to move on. Now I knew for sure the guys would be done WAY ahead of me!!
The red section ends at the Rock Point Aid Station. This is where the green section begins, which will take us back to the Covered Bridge. There is another water crossing here, 1.4 miles into this section:

This one I scan carefully, and wade through. Again water to my thighs. Have I mentioned I am 5’2″??

The water crossings get all the attention on this run. I wore my Injinji socks, with my “Dollar Store” thin socks over them. No blisters!!! Good deal. My feet were wet and muddy throughout the run, yet came through.
I wore my Atalanta Running Skirt and have to give them high marks. The shorts never rode up; totally comfortable; and the two pockets rocked!!! They stashed my inhaler, camera, cookies, and later, my empty Adrenalin shot. I will look to buy a new pair if they happen to be at the Flying Pig Expo; OR I will just buy online.

This was not my best run. I had the breathing issues at the start of the red loop; then I didn’t have my normal running pattern on the downhills. My knees felt funny. I have no idea why. I just couldn’t flow as well as I normally do on the downhills. I will chalk the run itself as “average” but my usual Mohican experience was awesome, as always!!!

How to Monitor Blogs

I happened upon Greg Crowther’s blog and found this very informational post:

“Do you keep track of other people’s blogs by bookmarking them all and then visiting each one daily to see if they’ve been updated that day? That’s what I did until this past Tuesday, when I finally admitted that this system is only practical if the total number of blogs you read is less than, say, five. I’m now using a news aggregator, also known as a feed reader, and am much happier because of it. I mention all this in case any readers of this blog are even farther behind the times than I am and have yet to discover the joys of news aggregators. This post is for you, you clueless Luddites! Turn off your record players and pay attention!

In brief, a news aggregator monitors your “playlist” of blogs, checking them for updates and notifying you when new content has been posted. Some aggregators are web-based, while others are downloadable programs that are launched from your hard drive. If you use a web-based aggregator, you simply log onto the aggregator website, which then displays and/or offers links to new blog entries that have been published since your last login.

The aggregator I currently use and recommend is NewsGator, although Google Reader also looks decent. To get started with either of these, you just create an account by providing a username/email address, password, etc. Then you tell the aggregator which blogs you want to subscribe to. The only tricky part here is that you can’t always enter the blog’s “home page” address (e.g.,; you may need to specify the address of the blog’s feed (e.g., A feed is a specially coded version of the blog that allows it to be exported to aggregators. Many blogs have little RSS or XML buttons (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is written in XML, a coding language similar to HTML) that, if clicked upon, will show you the feed’s address. However, if all you know is the address of the main blog page (e.g.,, NewsGator can usually figure out the feed address for you. (It does this in the “URL & Import” tab within the “Add Feeds” section.)

What if you only follow one or two blogs that aren’t updated very often? In that situation, you might want to sign up at, which will email you when new content is posted to those blogs.

I hope this tidbit is helpful. If so, pass it on!”

Thanks, Greg, I did.
I use myself.

Skirt Review

I now own three running skirts. When I started running these longer races, I found it easy to wear compression shorts than deal with the short creep and chub rub that envitably happens. I really was not a fashion statement out there, but hey! I was comfortable, and even more comfortable if I wore a selection from this range of women’s underwear.

I have found the Nike Power Skirt that works well. It has the longer compression shorts under it, with the skirt overlay.

It is very comfortable to run in. NO POCKETS THOUGH!!! The pic is courtesy of Mike’s daughter from the Big Bear Lake 50k, don’t I rock?

I have a running skirt from a new company called Atalanta Athletic Wear. This is a prettier skirt, with teal shorts under, and teal trim on the black skirt. The shorts did not seem to be as tight as the Nike, so I was a bit apprenhensive. I tugged on them a bit in the first ½ mile of the run, then kind of forgot about them, and they seemed fine. THEY HAVE POCKETS!!!!!!
Update on this skirt: I washed it, and have ran in it the last two days. It’s been very comfortable and the shorts are not riding up.

The cutest skirt is the Triks, from It is PINK (hello, yes, we women like color!!!). It has built in panties (called spankies). I’m not sure whether I am supposed to wear underwear under the spankies, or if they are supposed to function as underwear?
Skirts However, I need compression shorts for my chub rub. I am going to wear these in the Pig marathon, mainly because I’m doing the fashion thing that day. ALSO NO POCKETS!!!!

I will be running about 25 miles tomorrow in the Atalanta running skirt and post a review of how it goes.

Weight Day

Got out of work way late. Had to stop and buy groceries,and pick up my riding lawn mower tractor tire too..then eventually managed to get to the gym and get in a fast, abbreviated core workout..but at least it made my shoulder tension decrease a bit..

Two Left Feet

I found you can’t just grab two purple Injinji socks and go. I changed into running clothes at work…and found I had two left socks. Oh dear. The Injini socks are molded too, so you can’t just flip them over and make them fit.
I stopped at the “Dollar Store” and found a cheap pair of white crew socks…for one buck!! Sweet!!! The run was on!!
I ended up just doing 4 miles around the block from the gym. My ITB insertion point started to make itself known on the last mile, which concerned me a bit. I did stretch well after this run, and I now will get back into my normal stretching routine.

I saw that Horton has posted the sign up sheet for the 25th Mountain Masochist and there are already 111 runners signed up, and it is capped at 300. If you are interested at all you need to send in that app! I bet it will fill by mid May at the latest.

Training Commences

There will be no midweek Mo run for me. I checked my schedule and am booked at work with no time to duck out early. Oh well. I still have the big Mohican training day on Saturday. Hopefully a bunch of folks will come out for it, being so close to race day.

I went to workout at the gym, and actually quit not too far into the workout. I really didn’t feel good. It felt like my blood sugar was dropping. My hands were shaking a bit. So I bagged it and came home and ate dinner. Then I went out and used our portable brush hog to mow some high grass, so I think it just was a flucuation in blood glucose.

So far I am keeping up with my small “todo” list at work and home. I’ve made myself small goals to do, so I get that good feeling of actually accomplishing something, instead of feeling time pressed and stressed.