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Oh my, this will probably cause a ruckus. They have made some changes to the Mohican Race Course. We will now run the Blue Loop after the Orange Loop, instead of before it. Or, as the website puts it “after the green loop, you run the orange loop”. This drives me crazy! The green loop is not a loop. If you put the red section and the green section together, it does make a loop, but when everyone talks about “loops” it really confuses new runners to Mo. It’s just semantics, but it’s confusing. That’s why I have always posted that I am running the green section and the red section.

Hmmff. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the changes. I think it’s a good idea. The Covered Bridge does get crowded with everyone barreling in from the green section, the faster folks are done with the blue loop and runners are going every which way. This way, the runners are going to get strung out more with running the orange section (actually a LOOP). The only drawback is you won’t be meeting so many runners going the other way, it may be a little more lonely out there.

Also, it sounds like we might be up in the hills and not down on SR 3 as in past years. I would welcome more time on the trails than that ugly little section of highway (it’s only 0.8 miles). I don’t actually know where this trail is, so I am interested to figure this out. Hey, I will just follow the markers.. but there are many little OCD runners out there. The aid station cut off split chart is now inaccurate, but I would hope that most people wouldn’t need to be so concerned about cutoffs 26 miles into the race. You never know, though.

I read on another website that Jon Blais has passed away May 27, 2007. If you remember, “Blazeman” was the ALS Warriorpoet. He completed IronMan in Kona in 2005, logrolling himself across the finish line. That action has led to more atheletes paying tribute to his spirit by also logrolling across finish lines.

I listened to a great interview with Jon Blais on The Competitor’s Radio Show via podcast. Jon started the Blazeman Foundation and Team Blazeman, a Multi-Sport Movement to End Lou Gehrig’s disease. Even thou we have lost an amazing triathlete, the War on ALS continues. If you are looking for a cause, a reason, or hope then you might want to check out Jon’s foundation so others might have a chance some day. You can find out more information about his foundation and Team Blazeman here:

Short Run today

I meant to run the longer ‘around the block’ but just wasn’t into it. So I did my 4 miles, also figuring in I had the 25 miles tomorrow at Mohican.
So I came home, ate dinner, spread 8 feet of mulch, planted some cilantro seed, repotted a rosemary plant, got the husband to plant a grapevine and raspberry bush, came inside, got all my race gear together AND put it in the vehicle. So tomorrow morning all I need to do is eat breakfast, dress and leave! Amazing when you are organized!
Bloglines doesn’t seem to worry all that efficiently. I will go to a person’s blog and see there is a new post, yet bloglines never updated my feeds. That is annoying.

Guilt Free Running

Aah, a nice 4 miles around the block. Very hot outside, but it still felt good. My back is fine. I think I needed the time off. It was nice to have an injury that exempted me from totally working out–so I think my body and mind appreciated it.

A view of one of my raised beds that caused my back strain early in the week. That is my elephant garlic growing. And BTW, all that land you see? All mine! (Well,ours.) It’s nice living in the country.
I took another day off from working out, although we did get out to the garden and got everything planted. Except for the zucchini which I guess I will start from seed. My back only has a small twinge going on. I will take the running clothes with me tomorrow and see how a short 4 miler around the block goes.

Almost a really good picture of the dogs, too bad my plant posts are in the way.

Runner Down

I hope to feel better by the end of the work day, the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny!! I want to do my long country mile loop.
I have strained my lower back. Before I ran yesterday, I tilled up three garden beds. I have raised garden beds, about one feet tall. So I had to haul my front end roto tiller into the bed, till, then haul it back out again. I am very strong, but did have to strain to do this. I didn’t really feel it until the evening.

Postscript: Well it was a beautiful day for running. Too bad I ran about twenty stops. Ow ow ow ow ow ow. Each step was a jarring pain.
I didn’t even work out at the gym, because most of my workout involves my core and that’s what is hurting!
I am not too bummed about this. It should heal up in a day or two, I will lay off all activity. This was actually the same way I ended up with my chronic hamstring injury from years ago, hauling that damn rototiller up a step.

It looks this will be a Saturday run at Mohican! Woohoo!!! I was all set to go run a quickie at Wheeling, a 20K road race, but Tom wants to come over and run the blue-red-green sections, and I think Josh may be coming north, so it looks like a Mo Run!

Running With Mike

While Mike was out running the Cleveland Marathon, he was also running with me, although he doesn’t know it yet.
Let me explain..
I had downloaded Jetpack’s Podcast for something new to listen to. I knew Tyler was a pilot too, used to work with Mike. So I load an episode on the iPod.
I finally set out on my run about 11am. I really don’t feel like going, it’s kind of cool and dreary. I tell my husband I am going to go run some distance, maybe run to town (about 10 miles) but who knows.
So I turn on the JetPack Podcast. It is Tyler, interviewing Mike, about his first 50 mile he did at the FatAss back in January!! Too cool. Listening to Tyler and Mike made the miles go by. In fact, I barely noticed my ‘point of no return’ where I am halfway to town. So thanks Mike, for running with me today!!! I guess you actually got 36.2 miles in today, with my ten miles added in!