28 Days Prior

According to Josh we are now 28 days out from the Mohican 100 Trail Race.

I ran 4 miles around the block from the gym. I bailed on my run yesterday, and really wasn’t in the mood for it today, but I made myself go. I had a nice little run, until I was done, and walking back to the gym, in my cooldown, when some piece of shit redneck hicks had to make some comments about me. Bastards. So my nice zen happiness was shattered. I’m normally much more resilient, but having my own body self image problems and having a crappy week at work, just deflated me.

I’m not running the 5 mile race tomorrow. My husband and I have a wine order in at a wine shop 1 hour north, so I will go with him. That way I can stop at a nursery and find the rest of the plants I need for my porch and my veggie garden. I will do my long run on Sunday. I am thinking of running to town and back, that would be about 20 miles.

3 thoughts on “28 Days Prior

  1. Sensationally Red

    Those piece of shit bastards! I bet they have buck teeth and needle dicks! Wine shop? Oooooh…that sounds good. I’ve got a glass of red going right now…have to be good tomorrow for Sunday’s race. Sorry for the language…


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