A view of one of my raised beds that caused my back strain early in the week. That is my elephant garlic growing. And BTW, all that land you see? All mine! (Well,ours.) It’s nice living in the country.
I took another day off from working out, although we did get out to the garden and got everything planted. Except for the zucchini which I guess I will start from seed. My back only has a small twinge going on. I will take the running clothes with me tomorrow and see how a short 4 miler around the block goes.

Almost a really good picture of the dogs, too bad my plant posts are in the way.

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  1. Jack

    I grew up on a rural farm and really miss living in the country. At least we live on the edge of a small town and I don’t have far to go. Nice garden, I miss not having one at times.


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