Best of Luck Runners!!!

It’s a big race weekend. Mike is running the Cleveland Marathon, along with Brian and Tony. Sensationally Red is running the 1/2 marathon. Outside of blogland, I have two other friends, Rob and Susan who are running the full and 1/2 respectively. Good luck and I hope for nice weather! It seems like it will a bit cool out there, especially if the winds kick up on the lake.
AND I almost forgot…this is also Massanutten Weekend!! This is commonly thought of as the hardest 100 in the East. Good luck and shout outs to Gombu, Slim, Faceplant, Roy and Dan Fox. I know of a few more runners who are heading down to crew and pace-Linda and Lloyd.Can’t wait to hear race reports. They having been running for twelve hours now, I raise a glass of wine to them and settle back in my comfortable chair. I will rest for them.
I hope to take on Massanutten in the next few years. No, not next year, Slim, but maybe I can come out and crew for people and see what this course is like.

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