Oh my, this will probably cause a ruckus. They have made some changes to the Mohican Race Course. We will now run the Blue Loop after the Orange Loop, instead of before it. Or, as the website puts it “after the green loop, you run the orange loop”. This drives me crazy! The green loop is not a loop. If you put the red section and the green section together, it does make a loop, but when everyone talks about “loops” it really confuses new runners to Mo. It’s just semantics, but it’s confusing. That’s why I have always posted that I am running the green section and the red section.

Hmmff. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the changes. I think it’s a good idea. The Covered Bridge does get crowded with everyone barreling in from the green section, the faster folks are done with the blue loop and runners are going every which way. This way, the runners are going to get strung out more with running the orange section (actually a LOOP). The only drawback is you won’t be meeting so many runners going the other way, it may be a little more lonely out there.

Also, it sounds like we might be up in the hills and not down on SR 3 as in past years. I would welcome more time on the trails than that ugly little section of highway (it’s only 0.8 miles). I don’t actually know where this trail is, so I am interested to figure this out. Hey, I will just follow the markers.. but there are many little OCD runners out there. The aid station cut off split chart is now inaccurate, but I would hope that most people wouldn’t need to be so concerned about cutoffs 26 miles into the race. You never know, though.

I read on another website that Jon Blais has passed away May 27, 2007. If you remember, “Blazeman” was the ALS Warriorpoet. He completed IronMan in Kona in 2005, logrolling himself across the finish line. That action has led to more atheletes paying tribute to his spirit by also logrolling across finish lines.

I listened to a great interview with Jon Blais on The Competitor’s Radio Show via podcast. Jon started the Blazeman Foundation and Team Blazeman, a Multi-Sport Movement to End Lou Gehrig’s disease. Even thou we have lost an amazing triathlete, the War on ALS continues. If you are looking for a cause, a reason, or hope then you might want to check out Jon’s foundation so others might have a chance some day. You can find out more information about his foundation and Team Blazeman here:

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