Friday Night Run

The next couple of posts are all in Mohican 100 Trail Race speak…

We gathered at the
Mohican Wilderness Campground where the Mohican 100 Trail Run begins. There was 17 of us for the Friday night run. Roy is still speaking when Rita says to me “let’s go” so we start running, and all follow suit. We run out of the campground, onto Wally Road, for less than one mile, when we turn left for the first climb of the yellow section.
The yellow, which is on the roads for ten miles, is up and down. Looking at the elevation on the map, the first climb is at least 400 feet. On this section, still in the daylight, it’s amazing how I remember the houses from last year.
I fall into running with Mary Lou, who has finished Mo in 95 and 96 and managed to get out for the run tonight, although still very undecided whether she’s trained enough for the race. We end up running the rest of the run together.
As full darkness encroaches, I do get out my Myo Exp Light and have it on my head. It is working fine. We fall into the habit of running behind three other runners..and then they turn around and run toward us. Apparently we all missed the “no outlet” sign and didn’t make the right turn that we needed. Oopps, 1/2 mile out of our way. No worries, this is a training run.
Runners are coming back toward us and we reach the ten mile point of Rock Point, which is where you would begin the Green Section of the race. Mary Lou and I make it to the Rock, and find plenty of water left for us.
We start back.Most of the course is the same, until about two miles out, when a different road is taken, so you come back to the campground from the opposite directin. Roy, Bob, and Steve are ahead of us. We end up all together at one point, then us ladies stop to pee and the guys get away. But at every intersection, I see a light pointed toward us, and I bob my light to tell them we get the turn.
So Mary Lou and I run, and finally we have about one mile left. Except the mile gets very long. Even to both of us. I pull out my directions. “Turn left at Geesling Road.” Hmm, we didn’t make that turn. And then I hear Roy yelling in the distance for us. Bless his heart, he waited, and then he turned and ran after us. We ran at least one mile past the road. So we all ran back. Roy and I pulled a bit ahead of Mary Lou, who was tiring. We finally reach the road we needed. Roy gives me explicit directions on the “right way” and says he will check on Mary Lou. So I amble up “Big Hill.” Roy catches me right before the top, saying he gave directions to her, and we start down “Big Hill.” It is a very very steep hill. It wasn’t so bad on legs with 22 miles on them, but this is the last hill before the finish; I can see quads locking up here big time.
We get to the bottom and Wally Road, which is now 1/2 mile to the campground and finish. But the road sign for Wally Road is gone. I tell Roy to go on ahead, I will wait and make sure Mary Lou & I both make it back to the campground- there is no way for us to now get lost! He finally goes on, after much pushing. I stretch my legs well as I wait. Mary Lou is fading, so we walk the rest of the course back.
I get to my bunk at 2am. I believe we ran about 24 miles. I drink a Boost, eat a banana and a small serving of pasta salad, and set my alarm for 6am. I don’t even bathe, I just tumble into bed.

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