Gym Workout

Yesterday no workout, my husband and I went on a date…dinner out and then a romantic movie: “28 Weeks Later”. Yeah!! Zombie movies rule.

Today I got to the gym. I walked a 1/2 mile on the treadmill, to try and dissolve the rocks still in my quads. I did a decent core workout. I’m going to try and get my core workout in twice a week until race week. I know having a strong core helps so much with your posture. I saw people so slumped over at the Pig and at Umstead. I know I was still maintaining decent posture when I finished at Umstead.

30 Days out people!!!!!! Gotta go check out the counter at Josh’s blog and watch it turn over to 30.

I know I will have a taper before Mohican. I will be away at a convention, in Nashville June 9 through the 13th. I think this will be a good distraction, as this is a pretty low key convention for me. I wanted to help mark trail at Mohican, but I think I will just spend Thursday with last minute details before driving to Mo. It looks like I will have company race weekend!! My husband is thinking of going with me, with the two nephews. He and the nephews can go canoe, or race go-karts in town, while I am out running all night.

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