Orange Loop Sunday

On Sunday, all I could think of was the line from Monty Python: “bring out ye dead”. Bleh. I was tired. It had been a cold night too, temperature had dipped into the 40’s, but I was nice and warm in my zero sleeping bag.
The orange loop is 13 miles if you skip the Grist Mill section, 17 if you run that too. Since I did run it just in March, and had exorcised my demons of it (it really is not that big a deal, it just gives us runners something to whine about) I opted for the 13 mile.
The first three miles did not feel too good. In fact, I was adding walk breaks in, and I thought, this is going to be a long section if I feel this crappy this early.

Incidentally, being way tired and feeling like crap will probably be how I feel when I run the orange section for the second time, so it was actually good training.

BUT about mile 5, we pick up the mountain bike trail, and it starts weaving in and out of the pine trees, and I pick up the pace here. Now I am starting to feel good. We cross the road and continue on. This is one of my favorite sections, running the mountain bike trail on the ridge line. You start going downhill, so you are running fast, but it’s a bit technical with roots and trees in your way, but so fun! to run and dart and gravity is helping you run fast down the hill. I barely had time to jump out of a biker’s way as we met up unexpectedly around a tree.

This trail was in great shape also. I got back to the Covered Bridge and again amused the tourists by sitting in the river for awhile. I think I’m getting old. The water isn’t that cold anymore.

5 thoughts on “Orange Loop Sunday

  1. tony

    Kim, I enjoyed reading about your Mohican Trail run the last 3 days.
    Don’t tell my wife, but you def got me interested in running that one someday too! I’ll tell her Kim said it’s a good one…lol. Also, as per your Sunday post / run, a good reminder to all of us, even if not feeling good at some point during the run, keep going and that can change to “I feel good!” like the James Brown song says!!

  2. Kim

    Tony, are you coming out with Mike to pace during Mohican? We’ll get you hooked for sure.
    I will put the beauty of Mohican Forest up against any stinkin’ Burning River scenery anyday! LOL!

  3. tony

    Kim, love to come there and do that, but my wife is soooo not on board with this yet. Part of the problem is we run Hood to Coast relay with our friends (12 person coed relay team). It’s 2 1/2 weeks after BR100.

    Based on your experience, will I be able to race at Hood in that short time recovery? Hood entails 3 races in 24 hour period for me, 5 – 7 miles each leg. I don’t plan on racing the 100 hard, walk / easy run just to finish under 30 hours. I know it won’t be that easy, if I can do it at all. But that’s the goal. Thanks for any help / ideas.

  4. Mike


    Tony will be such an awesome ultrarunner if he elects to sell his soul to the trail! You should see him blaze the streets in my area. There are places where there are little rubber patches, like where a hot rod peels out, and it is where Tony’s feet have struck near the ends of his 15-20 mile runs….He is still going so hard that the rubber is peeling off of his Keds.

    Hey, you are after my heart with the sitting in the river thing! I am about to go run Pine Lane loop up here…the one we did together at the WBT50K to get some pictures of a section of trail that is falling away…if it is still there. Don’t tell Tony, I am supposed to be tapering….it is ONLY 8 miles, and I am going to go real easy.

  5. tony

    What Mike meant to say was…Tony is soooo old he’s still wearing Keds. The rubber marks on the streets are from Mike’s little red hot rod VW bug. He likes to show off and “chirp it” in 2nd gear!


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