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Photo Run Today

I brought my camera on my run today. I had to be at a 6pm meeting at work, so I left work, and went over to run my little trail in town. I had not brought my watch, but remembered the camera was still in my vehicle so I decided to do a little photojournalism.
This is my little trail right in town, it wanders over the side of a hill, crests at the top, where the golf course is, and meanders down the other side.

But first, you have to get by this landslide:

This closed the trail for some time. And they haven’t done anything to fix it, other than the electrical wires are no longer hanging in the trail.

But I seem to be the only using the trail.

Isn’t this a gem? Right in town.

I tried my hand at the running picture:

and the obligatory running photo. Not as easy as it looks!

When you come out of the woods, on top of the field, you have this boring view to your left: this is the airport field.

To the right is the golf course: I usually cut over and run on the golf course, except when golfers around, then I stay in the airport field. The golfers always stare. Back into the woods. On this side of the hill, it’s more smooth dirt. On the first half, it’s actually a bit technical.

Some of the house size rocks out here on the trail.

Me finally giving up on the action photos and just going for the portrait!

The trail ends back on the road, back to the park system. To the left is the replica towboat, in the replica canal.

Pig Hills Vs Road Runner Hill

Actually this post originated because of a post by Sensationally Red left, asking about the comparision between the Pig Hills and the Road Runner Hills. (Red, I couldn’t find your email, but then thought this would be a decent post also.)

Okay. To me, there is only one real hill in the
Akron Road Runner Marathon. It is about a 2 mile uphill. I have run the marathon there, and as a relay runner last year, I had the 5K section on the uphill through Sand Run Parkway.
I guess, as a hill goes, it would be challenging. I started the 5K portion on the flat; it actually descends, and then you ascend again. It seemed to be a sharper 2 mile climb than the climb at the Pig. The Pig does climb for about two miles, but it is a much gentler slope. Or at least it seemed to me.
I think, if you have run the Road Runner, you would have no problem running the Flying Pig.

Flying Pig Race Report

My Flying Pig Report

It was a beautiful day for a race, 50 degrees at the start, just a little chilly. There were mobs and mobs of people so it was a good job they’d set up turnstiles produced by Daosafe to keep everyone in line. I’d never before appreciated what a great invention they are. Josh and I tried to find Rob, but that was hopeless. I eyed the Portopotty lines and told Josh I would see him after the race. I got out of the Portopotty at 626 with the race time at 630am. OH well, it’s chip timing. I was way way in the back. There was no way to move up or move at all. I think I shuffled by walkers for the first mile or so.
It was still very congested through about mile 3. I didn’t get of a view of the rivers as we crossed bridges or Kentucky due to the crowds. It got better as we ran back through Cincinnati due east.
I kept waiting for the hills to emerge. We started up a gradual incline about mile 6. Was this the hills? These weren’t bad at all. In fact, I didn’t even stop to walk them, just shuffled up. I guess we did go up hill for a few miles. There was a spectacular view of the Ohio River from Eden Park.
This was where the running gods paid me back for the Las Vegas Marathon. I was in need of the Port o potties again, but all I passed where ten deep in runners waiting. I saw a woman emerge from a park building on the left—I looked from where she emerged and saw the word WOMEN on the door-was it? Was it unlocked? I dashed to the door and found, to my amazement, flush toilets with only three women in front of me. I only spent two minutes waiting in line and was back out on the road!
Yes, speaking of ROAD. This was a road marathon, did everyone know that? I guess I did too. My body was not happy. I started to stiffen up around mile 8. My calves hurt, my lower back hurt, my hamstrings started to sing. Eew. I never tighten up like that at mile 8 on a trail run.
I made a few mistakes out there. I bought a new hand held water bottle, and never transferred my Succeed caps to the new bottle. I only brought one snack size Payday bar, w hich I ate around mile 9. It tasted great, but now I was starving. I’m used to food on runs!
About mile 14 or 15 I really felt grouchy and a bit light headed. It felt that maybe my blood sugar was a bit low. So I did it. I DRANK GATORADE.
And you know what? I kept it down. And didn’t need a Portopottie stop. I felt better with a little electrolytes and calories in me.
The hand held bottle worked great for me. I only needed to stop about every third water station and get water or Gatorade, and then got back to running. Walking actually hurt. This happened to me in another race. Walking really excasberated my muscle stiffness, plus I could feel both insertion points on the outside of my knees with the IT Band.
FINALLY There was the Clif Shot Stop at Mile 18 (I thought it was at Mile 17) and I got some much needed gel for my stomach.
This was a very nice course. Lots of people out cheering you on; although I got my ultra running feathers ruffled a bit. People were telling me “you’re going to finish! You can do it” Well, of course I am going to finish, that was never any doubt-don’t patronize me!!
Mile 24 was probably the toughest. You could see the bridges of Cinti and it looked far away. This was also on a stretch of road with no crowds, only one band. I wanted to keep correcting people’s form; runners were tired here, and slumped over.
Last ½ mile or so was a bit of a downhill; you round a sharp corner and can see the “FINISH SWINE” (ha ha ha) Some people blew by me; at least six of them finished in a pack; I took my time so I would alone in the finish line photo!!

Food was rather scarce after five hours; that was kind of disappointing considering I was still starving. I did get some Gogurt and bananas, but I would have really like something from Panera Bread. Josh and his parents were waiting for me, sunning themselves on the Serpentine Wall steps. Josh had finished about two hours prior to me!

This was a nice marathon. A good course, good swag; although the Pig needs to be bigger. You have to squint at the shirt to see that it is a marathon shirt from the Flying Pig Marathon-race organizers, we want a big PIG! Good crowd support, plentiful water stations. They need to reorganize the PortoPotty situation though. Potties not being used at the end of the race runners were desperate for in the first 12 miles.

It was a good run for me, as a training run. I didn’t really enjoy it so much, just because of my body hurting. I am going to rethink road marathons for myself, and not get sucked into my friends plans LOL!
I don’t hurt as bad as I thought I would, maybe my ice bath helped quite a bit. Although usually aches and pains catches me on day two. I am not planning to run today, just walk the dogs and maybe do some walking on the treadmill and get some good stretching in.

Getting Jiggy with the Piggy

Oh wait, that was last year’s theme. This year it was “Get your feet rev’in for 4.6.07” kind of cute. I liked “Jiggy with the Piggy” more.
I will write a race report tomorrow, but just some random comments for now.
I finished in 5.15 chip time..far over what I wanted to, but I started hurting around mile 8. I need to stay OFF asphalt. I do not hurt at mile 8 on trails. I think I am getting allergic to pavement. But still, despite hurting, a good run. It was just a training run, and a good way to get 5 hours in and 26 miles too. I like the Pig Marathon course; although I wasn’t impressed by the hills. I kept waiting for “the big ones”…..I mean, people, I even run (well, shuffled/jogged) up the hills, I couldn’t even come up with an ultrarunning excuse to walk them!
I don’t like my shirt. Although it is pink…the pig and marathon lines are really small, and they fall under my boobs! I want a BIG FAT PIG on the shirt…so people can look at me across the room and say “oh, she ran the Pig”!!!
The medal is very cool though, I like it alot. But see, I will wear the shirt a bunch, and the medal will go on the hook with all the other medals..

Ladies, the running skirt is the new black. Lots and lots of running skirts out there-looking very cute on everyone~~!!!

I stayed at Josh’s Place Saturday night, and ladies, Josh made dinner for us, chicken, veggies, spaghetti and garlic bread-very yummy!!!! Josh also had his secret parking spot downtown, so we had our guaranteed parking place for the run-very helpful! Josh, thanks so much for the meals and hospitality!! You are welcome at our place anytime!!


Gomer is gone!!
Mike had to cancel on the Flying Pig Marathon. He and Kurt did complete their 24 hour walk on May 3rd; but it left him sore and tired and he knew he wouldn’t be able to enjoy the Pig.
So I am off to the Pig soon by myself. Friday afternoon was a little late to be scrambling to see if anyone wanted to ride down with me.
Josh, I am planning on leaving around 10 am here, be at your place around 2pm or so, I am going to stop for lunch on the way down. I’ll call when I am getting near.

Oh yeah, back to the marathon…I’m going to race the marathon. See how I can do. It would be nice to break 4.30. That is my goal for this thon.

Had to bust your chops Mike….

Satellite Internet

Well, we have it. Satellite internet!!! While it is not high speed, it is much higher speed than we are used to. If we were a business, we’d be looking for something like MegaPath I Fusion, unlike our neighbors. See, the Amish out here are not really the market for cable or anyone to run fast phone lines. We live so far in the sticks that we would never have high speed internet. Our fastest speed has been..maybe 28K. Really. I know lots of you folks have never even experienced that before.
So I uploaded pics-whoosh, done! Downloaded a 1.5 hour podcast-done in minutes!!
Ohmygod. While it’s not high speed, it is higher speed, and still a zillion times faster than what we’ve had before. It makes me wonder just how fast other internet services could be, and if we’d be able to watch Netflix and the like if we had them? I still wish that we could get someone like EATEL to provide our internet – a friend of mine showed me the EATEL website after they got them for their home, and their services look pretty good – but there’s no way it’d work in our location. Maybe one day though, if we move to a different area?

In other news; No workout today. My legs are still sore. I felt lethargic at work. So I went and got my hair cut and colored today. Hey, I gotta look good for the Pig. I think I’m taking the rest of the week off too, my official Pig Taper!
Josh may have another house guest besides me and Mike so it’s looking like a fun time in Cinti!!