Runner Down

I hope to feel better by the end of the work day, the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny!! I want to do my long country mile loop.
I have strained my lower back. Before I ran yesterday, I tilled up three garden beds. I have raised garden beds, about one feet tall. So I had to haul my front end roto tiller into the bed, till, then haul it back out again. I am very strong, but did have to strain to do this. I didn’t really feel it until the evening.

Postscript: Well it was a beautiful day for running. Too bad I ran about twenty stops. Ow ow ow ow ow ow. Each step was a jarring pain.
I didn’t even work out at the gym, because most of my workout involves my core and that’s what is hurting!
I am not too bummed about this. It should heal up in a day or two, I will lay off all activity. This was actually the same way I ended up with my chronic hamstring injury from years ago, hauling that damn rototiller up a step.

It looks this will be a Saturday run at Mohican! Woohoo!!! I was all set to go run a quickie at Wheeling, a 20K road race, but Tom wants to come over and run the blue-red-green sections, and I think Josh may be coming north, so it looks like a Mo Run!

6 thoughts on “Runner Down

  1. Josh

    I am glad you are going to Mohican! Brian and I would love to join you and Tom. What time do you plan to start? and how far will you be running?

  2. Kim

    8 am at the Covered Bridge.
    Run the blue loop, then the red-green sections.
    If you don’t make the 8am start, stay put at the Covered Bridge and that’s where we start the red section (we can always show you the blue loop post run, it’s only 4 miles.)

  3. Addy

    have fun this weekend!

    Sorry you hurt your back. I did that a few weeks ago, and it’s so frustrating to have to halt doing everything. Luckily it healed up in a few days, as yours hopefully will as well.

    Feel better!

  4. Jack

    Ouch, I hope your core feels better soon.

    You might try using a board as a bridge up into your raised beds – might save your back next time around.

  5. Sensationally Red

    Ultra Kim–we have much in common! I’ve kept a vegetable garden for years with raised beds, fortified with homemade compost, but depended on my gracious neighbor to do the dirty tilling work for me…when he wasn’t available, I double-dug out the whole garden. I didn’t do a garden this year…I’ve been so frustrated with too much or not enough rain. Now, I’m sad I didn’t put forth the effort. I really hope your back feels better. Hope you have fun this weekend too.

  6. Josh


    The Friday run is still 50/50 I will find out tomorrow. If I do run Friday morning I will drive back Friday, Brian and I are planning to carpool Saturday morning.


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