Running Schedule

I don’ seem to have one. Today I am going to run 9 miles ‘around the block’, Friday do my core workout and maybe some elliptical time.
I do have a 5 mile race that I entered on Saturday, but I think I am going to bail on it, and just consider my entry fee as a contribution to the YMCA. It is an hour drive to Marietta, so two hours of driving, 1 hour for the race, 1 hour for the awards ceremony..yeah I wouldn’t be home until mid afternoon. I have been feeling guilty for being away so much, and there is so much to do around here, especially get my gardens in order.
So if I bail on the 5 mile race, I may go over to Salt Fork State Park and get a run in on the bridle trails there. I haven’t been over there, although in my backyard practically (15 minutes away) for a year.

One thought on “Running Schedule

  1. Sensationally Red

    Kim…you’re going to have to tell me how you get the stretched out picture effect on your header. And…I’m always feeling guilty about my training taking me away, but I do my best, cause if I’m not happy–nobody’s happy!


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