Running With Mike

While Mike was out running the Cleveland Marathon, he was also running with me, although he doesn’t know it yet.
Let me explain..
I had downloaded Jetpack’s Podcast for something new to listen to. I knew Tyler was a pilot too, used to work with Mike. So I load an episode on the iPod.
I finally set out on my run about 11am. I really don’t feel like going, it’s kind of cool and dreary. I tell my husband I am going to go run some distance, maybe run to town (about 10 miles) but who knows.
So I turn on the JetPack Podcast. It is Tyler, interviewing Mike, about his first 50 mile he did at the FatAss back in January!! Too cool. Listening to Tyler and Mike made the miles go by. In fact, I barely noticed my ‘point of no return’ where I am halfway to town. So thanks Mike, for running with me today!!! I guess you actually got 36.2 miles in today, with my ten miles added in!

3 thoughts on “Running With Mike

  1. Mike

    That is TOO COOL! I will have to direct Tyler to that post.

    36.2 miles eh? That makes my pace MUCH more impressive for my 4:12.

    The only bad thing about having me on podcast only, was you didn’t get to gaze at my day glo green shorts! 🙂


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